Guillermo (and Harvey Guillen) continue to get some of the best fight scenes on television with What We Do in the Shadows

Guillermo (and Harvey Guillen) continue to get some of the best fight scenes on television with What ...

When you think about great television action, it's understandable if your mind switches first to martial arts dramas like Warrior and Cobra Kai, or a crime thriller like Reacher. Harvey Guillens Guillermo de la Cruz.

What We Do in the Shadows continues to offer thrilling fight sequences for everyones favorite familiar, the latest of which was a major component of the fourth episode of the fourth season, titled The Night Market.

Nandor (Kayvan Novak) and Guillermo meet at a new vampire nightclub in the episode, where they discuss her union-busting efforts. Guillermo easily dispatches other familiars to avoid harming them, ultimately leading to a face-off between Guillermo and his beloved master, Nandor.

Guillermo wears his coat like an old Western duelist, performs a close-quarters attack with a stick and a sword with a trash can lid shield, and performs a backflip on a truck. Both examples demonstrate Guillens' ability to choreograph complex fight choreography (he does almost all of his own work in the sequence) and his charismatic screen presence, which engulfs the audience (and Nandor) as he puts on a show.

Guillen said the shoot at a Toronto factory took four days, and credited stunt coordinator Tig Fong for the end product.

Guillen tells Polygon that it was one of my favorites episodes. Kayvan was so funny to do another stunt scene. Sword fighting was really cool.

Guillen also used a two-handed stick in the sequence, but it was also one of the most rewarding parts for him, and he compared Guillermos' work to that of other pop culture figures.

While he was away, [Guillermo] picked up a new skill in London. He's like a Gambit from the X-Men or a Jedi with a lightsaber. It was really fun to do.

More info on the @theshadowsfx episode from last nights.. what do you think?

Guillermo performs a backflip off a van as one of the more dramatic stunts in the Night Market sequence. Because of time constraints, Guillen's stunt double Josh Maloney (who Guillen dubbed a fantastic and great performer) was filled in.

He says that this was the one thing I really wanted to do. I was like, Oh, please put me in, coach!

Guillen is a very experienced screen fighter and mover, as he has shown in previous fight sequences on the show.

Im super excited about all of these scenes, because it's like putting on a play, according to the author. You learn the choreography and you master the steps, and you must be in the correct step, because if you're on the wrong count you'll hit each other badly and hurt one another.

And as he tells Polygon, it's important to him to perform in these sequences himself.

Guillen says he wants to be a stunt double because then it looks real and cohesive and linear to the scene. Nothing looks worse than when you look at other programs and the stunt doubles and it's like, That's not them, and we try to keep it... It's a documentary! We want it to be as real as possible.

The final product of Guillermo's stunt rehearsal! Name the episode - wrong answers only #WhatWeDointheShadows #FXNetworks

Novak enjoyed the ride as well, describing it as a new, fresh challenge that was truly extraordinary. He praised Guillen's skill and skill in the scene.

Novak tells Polygon that working with Harvey again on that was wonderful. It was kind of intimidating for me because Harvey, you can teach him choreography and steps and dance and movement and he just picks it up just like that.

Guillen claimed that the swords used in the Night Market fight were genuine and custom-made, and that while they weren't sharp enough to kill anybody, they were still a little dangerous, as the actors discovered when Novak got a little excited in their scene.

Harvey picks up a trash can lid as a shield and im jabbing him with it. And then, you know, there's holes in the fucking shield, man. I pierced through the shield.

Novaks sword missed Guillen, and no one was hurt in the incident.

Through much laughter, Novak said, "Jibbing your point willy-nilly, somebody will get [hurt."

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