In The Sandman, Who Is The Missing Endless?

In The Sandman, Who Is The Missing Endless? ...

While we got to see a few of Morpheus' siblings, there was still one who did not have their sigil in the gallery. So if you want to avoid spoilers, please refrain from reading here.

Who is the missing Endless?

Well, we do not know who the missing Endless is, but from the data we collected throughout the first season, we can conclude it is Destruction.

Even though we aren't entirely sure about the explanation, we hope that you may investigate the series' clues and formulate your own conclusions.

How many Endless are there?

We can see that there are seven sigils in each Endless palace's gallery. We get to see our very own beautiful Endless Dream and then the wonderful but incredible Endless, Death.

Rose Walker and her brother are after all, the children of an Endless, and that Desire is none other than himself.

Despair is seen plotting with Desire to teach Dream a lesson, as well.

Only one of the seven Endless children was mentioned as the prodigal son, thus, we guess that it is Destruction.

Who is the Golden Eyed man in The Sandman?

Once we know about the Vortexs' fate, we also see that Desire messed with the Dreams world in order to make him harm his own blood and suffer the consequences.

Desire is, after all, a golden-eyed guy with whom Unity had a child. Rose Walker and Jed Walker are also children of the Endless.