Meghan McCain Shares The Joy Behar's Complaint That Succeeded In Her Exit From The Show

Meghan McCain Shares The Joy Behar's Complaint That Succeeded In Her Exit From The Show ...

Meghan McCain had just dropped ABCs The View for the first time, and she was re-hiring at The View while still trying to figure out what her new life might be like. However, when she returned, her co-star on the show was apparently dissatisfied with her.

Megan McCain has been off the television since last summer, but she has still made public appearances since, most recently appearing on the Commentary Magazine Podcast. She talked about the lack of depth in mainstream media in a candid interview discussing her The View experience, but also talked about exactly what made her want to leave the daytime TV program.

Joy Behar said on air that when I returned from maternity leave, 'Nobody missed you, we didnt miss you, you shouldnt have come back.' And I just started crying. I called my brother who lives in Arizona on a farm and he said, 'F these people, it's no longer worth it.' That was it. When Joy said on air when I returned from maternity leave, 'Nobody missed you.' I didn't feel supported returning.'

Meghan McCain and Joy Behar got into a fight during an episode that was previously covered on The View. During the conversation, Meghan McCain joked, "You missed me so much Joy." Behar was later deadpanned:

I did not. I did not miss you. Zero.

McCain also discussed another line she made on The View "on air, on camera" about how "the only thing I would ever breastfeed is a cactus." This came after she disclosed that she had miscarriages, which her co-hosts reportedly knew about.

Meghan McCain's Comments on Leaving the View

Meghan McCain cited COVID and motherhood as reasons for her leaving the show in January of 2021. She did not respond to Joy Behars' statement as she did here.

I left the city very quickly because my OB GYN wanted me to leave, because he wasn't sure how COVID might affect pregnant women. We're all here, and we're surrounded by our families, by friends, and by this incredible support group. I've just had this wonderful life here that, in the end, I didn't want to leave.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who was previously dismissed from the program, remained a conservative member of the panel of hosts for the last year.

Meghan McCain has spoken forth about feeling like she was working in a toxic organization and that she had trouble being "produced" by someone who didn't understand her or her beliefs. However, the former TV personality asserts that her time on The View was still important for many reasons, including The View's high ratings.

Im in a weird position because I was on a program that a lot of people know and enjoy, though a lot less people watch since I left, but whatever. Im one of two hosts in the history of 25 years to quit on their own and not be fired, which is something people are very interested in.

Meghan McCain's future will be decided by the show's producers, who have continued to continue to operate without her. It's been in hot water recently, too, after View co-hosts were sent a cease and desist letter over air remarks. No one would accuse this program's workings of being boring.