Spoilers from Big Brother: Who Won Household in Week 5 and Who They Might Nominate

Spoilers from Big Brother: Who Won Household in Week 5 and Who They Might Nominate ...

Warning: As of Friday, August 5th, the following contain spoilers from the Big Brother Season 24 live feeds. Read at your own risk!

Nicole Layog's inevitable eviction was a mic drop moment for The Leftovers, and a statement eviction that showed they are the current dominant alliance in Big Brother Season 24. However, Daniel Durston and other stragglers are still alive and well in the house to potentially win the Head of Household and take off The Leftovers numbers.

Michael Is The Week 5 Head Of Household

Michael Bruner might have been eliminated from anyones shortlist in the preseason for the championship of the comp beast, but with three veto victories and now his first Head of Household victory, he has certainly earned the title. I suspect he's going to be taking things too risky with racking up so many competition victories so early in the game, but with the way things currently are, he should be everyones focus this week.

Who Michael Might Nominate This Week

Big Brother fans had a sense of where Michael's head is at and how he'll run his HOH week. Also, she'd exclude her new Festie Besties, Indy Santos and Alyssa Snider, from being nominated from the start.

Michael might be considering a plot to elude Daniel, but with all of Daniel's closest friends now expelled (and seeing the backlash from Big Brother fans for their actions), he does not appear to be much of a threat at the moment, especially after he effectively sent his closest friend Nicole home by using the veto. Other Leftovers players include Jasmine Davis or Terrance Higgins, who have deeper connections with other Leftovers players.

If and when The Leftovers disband, this is not the time to make moves to split the Leftovers alliance, but Michael and others may begin to wonder how to best advance their game and avoid being steamrolled by their current allies. The best option for Michael is to protect key people on the outside of things now, in hopes of bringing them closer if and when The Leftovers disband.

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