Destiny takes aim at streaming and cryptocurrency in a debate feud

Destiny takes aim at streaming and cryptocurrency in a debate feud ...

Destiny, a political streamer, is the latest person to declare that they are not impressed with the cryptocurrency trend.

Destiny recently streamed a conversation with motivational YouTuber Nico SNEAKO De Balinthazy that developed into a somewhat sexist rant about women who use OnlyFans as a fallback rather than as a personal improvement. Likewise, men are becoming more valuable whenever they are on their phones.

Destiny seemed to be averse to this notion and questioned how SNEAKO believes men may make money on their phones.

Is this my fault? SNEAKO replied, expressing its displeasure. Streaming, crypto, drop shipping, e-commerce business

Destiny cut him off.

Destiny explains that you just described OnlyFans for men.

SNEAKO had become irritated and kept interrupting Destiny to argue his point, but Destiny refused to allow him. Every time SNEAKO tried to get a word in, Destiny said to let him finish, taunting him with saying he was afraid of hearing what he had to say.

You just complained about all these little guys who are only on OnlyFans and trying to sell images of themselves. Why is that bad? Because they aren't working on themselves, according to Destiny. Or they just trade a shit coin in hopes of becoming rich. Or they stream or use TikTok or whatever. They're not improving themselves by doing that.

During the Destinys stream, viewers applauded the outspoken commentator for making his views on cryptocurrency and streaming public. The approval spread to Reddit, where many commented that it was one of the most logical moves theyve seen in a while on the LivestreamFail subreddit.

Although OnlyFans and cryptocurrency are both heavily criticized in gaming culture, one Reddit user noted that at least OnlyFans has some value. Another responded that at least OnlyFans has a product when you pay for it.

Guys just hate [OnlyFans] because theyre jealous. I'd whip out my balls right now if I could earn 10 million a month [plus] by showing them off. Do you think some social standard will prevent me from earning that much? It's a tough shit, according to Bitemarkz.

In recent months, other popular streamers have condemned cryptocurrency and NFTs, including Pokimane, Asmongold, and xQc. A lot of NFTs in the gaming industry have ended up being pump-and-dump schemes and scams, increasing the level of skepticism.