Best Race Tier List for Era of Althea

Best Race Tier List for Era of Althea ...

Era of Althea is a great fantasy RPG game on Roblox, where you can become a powerful wizard, learning new abilities, and wandering around the open world battling the darkness that threatens it. You are given random abilities and races as you begin, and must do the best with what you have, or try to reroll for better ones.

What is the best race in Era of Althea?

The Elf is the best race in Era of Althea because to its high magic rate, which is higher than any other race. It also has equally high snap stats, making it the best overall race when it comes to casting spells. Although it lacks in the physical strength aspect which other races are better, it remains a top rank above the others.

Best Race Tier List for Era of Althea


These are the races from best to worst, focusing exclusively on magic ability, followed by the numbers of all abilities. Although some races have higher or more balanced stats in different aspects of their abilities than the Elf, such as physical strength and intelligence, magic is one of the most important skills in the game when it comes to battling and power.

Races are what give your character certain abilities and abilities during the game. Some races are physically stronger and others are more clever. They will allow your character to excel in many different aspects of life during their adventure. You can also view your charts by pressing M to open your menus. This is where all your attributes will be listed, such as what your race, trait, and snap are currently displayed.

All races in Era of Althea can be useful in many different ways, due to their varied strengths and weaknesses. However, keep trying to re-rolling until you do! You will be a powerful wizard in no time!

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