GTA 5 Online's 5 Fastest Motorcycles, Ranked

GTA 5 Online's 5 Fastest Motorcycles, Ranked ...

Motorcycles are one of GTA Online's most efficient and economical modes of transportation. Their quick acceleration and compact size allow you to scurry through the streets of Los Santos with ease and flair. After all, each bike has its strengths and will perform differently depending on whether you are pulling wheelies or buzzing down a straight.

Top 5 Best Motorcycles in GTA Online

  • Price: $15,000
  • Dealership: Southern San Andreas Super Autos

The fact that the Bati 801 is still viable against the other high-end bikes on this list is testament to its price-per-performance ratio. It is one of GTA Online's oldest bikes and has been around since the game's launch. However, it's still a great bike for competitive racing.

  • Price: $976,000
  • Dealership: Legendary Motorsports

At a reasonable pace, we have the Hakuchou Drag, which is primarily designed for drag racing. It's quick acceleration and a solid top speed, but is let down by its slow cornering abilities. This makes it more predictable for some athletes.

  • Price: $1,900,000
  • Dealership: Legendary Motorsports

The Reever isn't the cheapest mode of transportation by any stretch of the imagination. However, when you cough up the money, you get a very decent bike with a unique ability unlike no other. While doing wheelies, the Reever gains a significant speed boost.

  • Price: $2,225,000
  • Dealership: Legendary Motorsports

During the Bikers Update in GTA Online, the Shotaro appeared. It looks like a Tron film series bike, with its performance and neon lights to boot. Despite this, the Shotaro is one of the most commonly used bikes in circuit races. Due to its incredible cornering abilities, however, you may need to keep your eyes on the road.

  • Price: $2,480,500
  • Dealership: Legendary Motorsports

The Shinobi is a fantastic all-rounder, with aggressive fairing and straight cut lines for the most demanding drivers in GTA Online. Whether it's burning time trials or putting opponents in corners, it's just the best of the bunch in off road races.

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