When Will It Start, Ends, and What Qualifies for Tax-Free Weekend 2022 Near Me?

When Will It Start, Ends, and What Qualifies for Tax-Free Weekend 2022 Near Me? ...

This weekend, many states will have a tax-free weekend. Find out more about when the tax-free weekend will begin and end near you, and if your state will participate in the program in 2022.

The Tax-Free Weekend Usually Starts at Midnight and Ends at 11:59 PM

If youre shopping online, tax-free weekend begins at 12:01 a.m. on the first Sunday night of tax-free weekend (usually on a Friday or a Saturday). Then it finishes right at 11:59 p.m. on the last Sunday night of tax-free weekend. If youre shopping in stores, tax-free weekend starts when the store youre visiting is closing on the first day (usually on a Sunday).

States Interested in submitting for the 2022 Census Dates and Details

According to Deal News' map, the majority of states will participate this weekend.

Alabama: Alabama: It was already the tax-free weekend. It was on July 15-17.

This weekend, August 6-7, is the Arkansas:Arkansas tax-free weekend. You can see what qualifies here. An itemized list of what qualifies and what does not is here. This includes commonly used school supplies, qualified items of clothing less than $100 per item, and more.

Connecticut:The tax-free weekend is held from August 21 to August 27. It's more than a weekend, and it's scheduled later this month. Clothing and footwear that cost up to $100 per item are eligible. Find out more about what you qualify for here.

Florida: A tax-free weekend runs from July 25 to August 7 (which includes this weekend) and is applicable to clothing that is less than $100. Some school supplies that are less than $50 an item are also eligible, along with computers up to $1,500 (and related accessories).)

Iowa: The tax-free weekend runs August 5 through September, so it ends on a Saturday rather than on a Sunday. See more information here.

Maryland: The tax-free holiday will be held August 14-20, so you will have more time to shop than in most other states. Click here to see more information about Maryland's tax-free week. A fact sheet is also available.

Massachusetts: The tax-free weekend is August 13-14, so it will be held earlier than it was in 2020. Retail items that cost less than $2,500 are eligible. See the whole list here.

Mississippi:Mississippis has already taken place between the 29-30.

The Missouri:Missouris tax-free weekend will be August 5-7. Qualifying items include clothing of $100 or less, school supplies of $50 or less, personal computers of $1,500 or less, software of $350 or less, and graphing calculators of $150 or less.

New Mexico: The tax-free weekend in August will last for 5-7 days. Qualifying items include: qualifying apparel or shoes less than $100 per unit, computers up to $1,000 (includes tablets, desktops, laptops, and notebooks), computer hardware up to $500, and school supplies less than $30 per unit.

The Ohio:Ohios event will be held on August 5-7. See further information here.

The Festival of Oklahoma and Oklahoma will be held on August 5-7. See the complete report here.

South Carolina: The month of August 5-7 is the state's tax-exempt item list. See more information here.

Tennessee:The tax-free weekend between July 29 and 31 was already held.

The tax-free weekend in Texas will be held on August 5-7. For more information, click here.

The Virginia-Virginias tax-free weekend is on August 5-7. Emergency items and energy-saving items are also excluded this weekend. See the details here.

West Virginia: The tax-free weekend in August will be held from 5-8.

In most states, you can purchase eligible items tax-free online. That means that if you shop online in a state that is tax-free, youll be able to shop tax-free throughout the weekend. However, please remember that each online shop has its own rules. Before you purchase an item, check to see if the tax is being applied.