Super People beta participants might earn $75k (yes, you read that correctly)

Super People beta participants might earn $75k (yes, you read that correctly) ...

Beta tests are a great way to get to know your class in Super People, but have you refined your abilities enough to win $75k? These tournaments, if you win, will transform your life.

Super People involves players in a battle to the death in an attempt to etch their name in the history books, similar to Respawns Apex Legends.

The game has already attracted over 4 million players, making it a real contender in a field heavily dominated by Apex, alongside Fortnite, and laterally, Warzone.

Wonder People is hosting the Super Tournament to commemorate the final Super People beta, where you and your group may win $75k if you beat out the competition.

Super People beta tournament info

The Super Tournament will begin on August 17th, and any player can compete for the first three days after that, youll need to be level 7. You will also need to compete as part of of of aduo (not that $37.5k is a bad deal).

There are qualifying rounds, group stages, and the finals. Teams will earn seeding points during their matches that will determine whether or not they get to the grand final.

The regions that can compete are listed below (yours will be displayed at the bottom right of the game lobby), as well as the hours that the tournament is open between.

Asia4AM 7:40AM7AM 10:40AM12PM 3:40PM1PM 4:40PM8PM 11:40PM
Europe11AM 2:40PM2PM 5:40PM7PM 10:40PM8PM 11:40PM3AM 6:40AM
North America5PM 8:40PM8PM 11:40PM1AM 4:40AM2AM 5:40AM9AM 12:40PM
Latin America4PM 7:40PM7PM 10:40PM12AM 9:40PM1AM 4:40AM8AM 11:40PM
SEA5AM 8:40PM8AM 11:40AM1PM 4:40PM2PM 5:40PM9PM 12:40AM

If youre looking to improve your skills in order to take the top spot (and the cash, of course) for yourself, then check out our list of the bestSuper People classes and abilities.