The best tower defense games on PC 2022

The best tower defense games on PC 2022 ...

Are you looking for the best PC tower defense games? The humble tower defense may appear to be one of the most popular genres out there for more experienced players, but fans would prefer them to be tactical games that require sharp reflexes, a sharper mind, and quick improvisation.

The attractiveness of tower defense games stems from how deceptively straightforward they are at first. The player must devise a set of appropriate defenses using scarce resources to deal with them. Enemies become more dangerous and more common as the game progresses, but the player acquires better equipment to deal with them as well.

They are also very addictive, which is why there is still a steady flow of tower defense titles that may also be found in other genres, such as the entertaining den defense minigame in Assassins Creed Revelations. There are still many fantastic tower defense games on PC right now.

The greatest tower defense games on PC in 2022 are:

Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Kingdom Rush is a household name in the world of tower defense, from the first Kingdom Rush game back in 2014 through to the most recent entry Vengeance, which takes place from the perspective of the series antagonist. There is even a board game spin-off.

Kingdom Rush has all of the genre classics, such as towers and the need to defend yourself from waves of fierce enemies. There are also heroes you can deploy that have their own abilities, as well as a number of other great twists.


Plants vs. Zombies is the ultimate game, for many, because by tower defense standards, it's simple: there's no long way to go, and the player defends the left. If a zombie makes it all the way left in a lane, there's one substitute: a lawnmower.

The best zombie games on PC, Shambolic

Despite the appealing visuals and aggressively fun sound design, Plants vs Zombies is a perfect cycle of addiction. Every level offers something new to keep you hooked more challenging zombies are gradually introduced, many minigames break up the gameplay, and new plants become available to play with. It's a shame that subsequent Plants vs Zombies games have either been mobile-only or online shooters.


The Awakening in Defense Grid is simple perfection, and unlike many games on this list, youre actually using towers as a defense. Destroy aliens from taking power cores from a charming British AI companion, and kill them if they try to escape. There are a few death mazes the player may create.

Defense Grid is a pure addicting tower defense delight, and if that isn't enough, there are DLC connections with Borderlands and Portal as well. Defense Grid 2, however, is a bit overcomplicated well stick to the original.


Sanctum 2, developed by the studio behind Satisfactory and, more appropriately, Goat Simulator, is an FPS game. Until you reach the arena, you must put up walls, turrets, tesla coils, and other defenses to keep your power cores from being taken out by alien hordes.

Sanctum 2 is a great game for anyone who believes that tower defense games are boring.


Anyone who has criticized the Bloons series for being naughty, simplistic, or extremely microtransaction-y should think twice, since Bloons TD 6 is nothing less than the highest-rated tower defense game on Steam. By nature you place monkeys with special abilities around a map to protect it from malevolent balloons.

Bloons TD 6 is elevated to a whole new level of addiction thanks to a focus on characters rather than structures.


Dungeon Defenders is a part-MOBA, part-action RPG, and all tower defense game. You must protect the fantasy land of Etheria from the orcs, goblins, and other monsters by forming a character from several classes, then going out to battle. From here, players are thrust into a small arena where enemies attack in waves from specific directions, although they cannot always be repaired or upgraded.

Kingdom Two Crowns

Kingdom: Two Crowns is a side-scrolling strategy game that expands the definition of tower defense to a certain degree. This is because you want more awesome TD games to play.

To survive, you will need to collect tithes from your population and invest the money in defenses walls and towers for the most part, but also weapons. Everyone else will do their job automatically depending on their role, but certain actions will stimulate certain behaviour. Builders will construct what you tell them to, but they can also chop down trees for more money. Eventually, the Greed will continue attacking your walls to try and destroy your house.

Kingdom: Two Crowns is the current iteration of the game, which involves a sprawling campaign that allows you to go from island to island searching for powerful secrets, new mounts, and a strategy to save the Greed for good. It also includes a co-op online or local split-screen.


Anomaly: Warzone Earth is a complete reversal of the tower defense genre in which the player instead controls the units they are trying to assault, it's tower offense.

Players must maintain their limited units, upgrading them whenever possible, while challenging the various tower defenses as they go through the alien-controlled hellscape. It's not the longest game on this list, but it's an innovative and fun take on the genre.


The Orcs Must Die! Series combines third-person shooter, melee, and magical combat with fantasy-based tower defense, forcing players to combine strategy with skill. You can't rely on your weapons or the Dungeon Keeper-style traps to defeat the Orc hordes.

The third game in the series was previously available on Google Stadia, but it has since been released on Steam.Orcs Must Die! 3 is a welcome addition to the franchise, including a story mode that takes place 20 years afterOrcs Must Die! 2, as well as War Scenarios, a new mode that allows players to battle the largest orc armies ever assembled.


Double Fine, a well-known third-person mech combat/tower defense game, is a great place to start. A crazy scientist tries to take over the world with his army of deadly televisions, but luckily the guys from the mobile trench division are there to save the day.

Iron Brigade is a fun game where the player gets a fully-armed mech, but they'll also need to strengthen their defenses in order to fight the Tube's assault. The unique gameplay, cooperative play, and Double Fines' signature snappy wit make it a great visit.


Brad, a barbarian who took up his axe to play guitar, can attract other players to his defenses when they get close.

Although they can be killed, the player does not attack at all, you simply lead troops, boost them with guitar riffs, and earn gold for upgrades, which include new unit types, more powerful boosts, and a town drunk who vomits in the enemy's path. The usual stuff.


The Rock Of Ages series is a fascinating amalgam of tower defense, Super Monkey Ball, and Monty Python's animated characters. Each level has a downhill course that the player must defend with various bizarre defenses. At the same time, the opponent, human or AI, is doing the same thing.

Both can control a rolling boulder and attempt to smash through those defenses and crash into the enemy's base when both are ready. Rock Of Ages 2 is probably the best game in the series, as the more recent third game leaned a bit too much into the difficulty and lost much of the fun.

Now you have a selection of the finest tower defense games, ready for the incoming hordes of aliens, zombies, and terrifying balloons. Check out our guide to the best strategy games on PC.