In Season 18, Destiny 2 will add killstreaks to Iron Banner

In Season 18, Destiny 2 will add killstreaks to Iron Banner ...

Bungie will be preparing for the Destiny 2 Showcase 2022 in a few weeks, but there are still a few important announcements to make prior to that. For one, the game will undergo some significant Iron Banner changes in Season 18, not just the removal of Rift.

In the most recent This Week At Bungie blog post, Principal Designer Alan Blaine clarified the reason and how a new game mode would take the form of Eruption. Clash is the name of the new game mode, but with killstreaks that boost your energy.

When you defeat an enemy, youll get one normal point and standard energy. Surging is when you first kill your second target in a row. Youll begin to glow as you earn three points, 10% super energy, and 20% grenade, melee, and class energy for every kill. At this point, kills continue to be worth three points each, and youll gain 12% super and 10% class energy for every kill.

Being Primed comes with a tradeoff. A 15-second timer will begin, and you'll spit out when it reaches zero. This will kill you and reset your streak, but you can change the timer each time you get an additional kill. That's because you'll be marked and fully visible to the other time while Primed. They'll get three points for taking you out.

Eruption sounds like a fun addition to Destiny 2's Iron Banner lineup. Season 18 may also include skill-based matchmaking, but we dont know if Eruption is one of them.