Fallout 76 includes Cultist locations

Fallout 76 includes Cultist locations ...

Cultists make a comeback in Fallout 76. When the game first launched, you were unlikely to see any Cultists wandering the wastelands of Appalachia. Now, you can find them in a good number of locations and they will not hesitate to attack you on the site. These enemies worship the great and powerful Mothman and even have their own event sometimes called the Mothman Equinox. They also have some pretty cool cult merchandise if you track them down.

Where to find Cultists in Fallout 76

If you want to confront some Cultists, there are quite a few locations you can visit. There are also locations you can visit if you just like the Cultists vibe without actually having to fight anyone:

  • Clancy Manor: This location can be found in the northwestern part of the map on the edge of the forest region. This area is a large manor with plenty of junk inside and Cultists.
  • Lucky Hole Mine: Located in the southeastern part of the map in the mountains near the Cranberry Bog region, Lucky Hole Mine is one of the best areas to find Cultists and farm for lead.
  • Tyler County Fairgrounds: Tyler County Fairgrounds is not home to any Cultists. Instead, you will need to travel slightly south of the location. In the moods, you will find a group of Cultists around an effigy.

The map marker for cultist locations resembles the mask that the cultists wear to conceal their faces.

Cultist-themed locations

Although there are plenty of spots to look for Cultist foes, you may not want to fight them all the time. If that is the case, you will want to take your way to Point Pleasant, which is located southwest of Vault 76.

The Mothman Museum is located in Point Pleasant. Cultist enemies may be found there on occasions, but they do not appear there as often as they do in the other locations listed above. This is also where the Mothman Equinox takes place whenever the season event occurs.