Fallout 76's How to Get the Tattered Field Jacket

Fallout 76's How to Get the Tattered Field Jacket ...

One of Fallout 76's greatest features is the ability to change your appearance by using tons of cosmetic items you'll discover throughout your journey. For example, the Tattered Field Jacket, which is famous due to its exceptionally rare nature.

How to get the Tattered Field Jacket

Each of these quests takes place in the Mire region, which is marked by a dark green landscape late in the game.

  • Idle Explosives
  • Always Vigilant
  • Play Time
  • Heart of the Swamp
  • Queen of the Hunt
  • Irrational Fear
  • Waste Not
  • Its a Trap

Each of these missions is a daily quest, so you may repeat them each day if you dont receive the item you are looking for. It may take a while to obtain the jacket since each of these missions has a 0.0625% chance of dropping it.

How to change your clothes in Fallout 76

If you are new to the game but still need clothes for your character to wear, you can modify them using your Pip-Boy. Go to the apparel section and select the clothing items your character needs to wear. The underarm will be covered by any other clothing you wear.