Fallout 76's How to Get the Safari Crocolossus Backpack

Fallout 76's How to Get the Safari Crocolossus Backpack ...

Backpacks are an essential item for any survivor who survives the Appalachian wastelands in Fallout 76. This useful item helps you acquire certain abilities that you would otherwise spend money on. In addition, Backpacks increase your carrying capacity, thus protecting you from the threat in the wild. One of the most sought-after skins for the Backpack is the Safari Crocolossus.

Fallout 76's How to Get the Safari Crocolosses Backpack

The only time that you can get the Safari Crocolossus Backpack skin is during the Treasure hunter seasonal event. This is the same for the other Safari Backpack skins, including the Safari Gorilla Backpack. During the Treasure Hunter event, open Mole Miner Pails. It doesnt matter if any of them drop this Backpack skin.

During the event, you may obtain the Mole Miner Pails by defeating treasure-hunting Mole Miners across the wasteland. These enemies may appear anywhere hostiles can spawn, not just the Mole Miner areas, so keep your eyes on the map when the event becomes live.

How to craft Backpack skins

Once you have unlocked the Backpack skin, you will need to craft it in order to apply it to your Backpack. These can be found throughout the wasteland or you can build one in your camp. Simply select the skin you want to apply to the Backpack from the dropdown.