The Dinkum update keeps the house moving and allows visitors to have a better time

The Dinkum update keeps the house moving and allows visitors to have a better time ...

If you're just getting started with Dinkum, then you'll realize that going slowly and steady is the key to having a great time in this Outback farming simulator. Bugs can sometimes get in the way of that cozy experience, butfortunately, the game's latest patch eradicates a good number of them.

Dinkum hotfix 0.4.6 is out now, and creator James Bendon has posted the patch notes on a Steam update page. House-moving is a major issue. Previously, the game would require you to upgrade your house while it's being moved, or vice versa.

If you're planning on bringing a co-op pal over to help out, you'll have a better experience now. Some visiting players weren't getting health buffs, nor were they getting up well rested, instead being tired even after sleeping. Similarly, a bug prevented players from coming in for the night and continuing till the next day.

Hotfix 0.4.6 contains additional bug squashes such as animal traps that are incorrectly triggered, inventory slots that were accidentally locked, and a bizarre one where players might be trapped in the air during a flyover. The patch also includes some quality-of-life improvements, such as a pause button in single-player, underwater vehicles returning to the surface upon a reload, and overall stability.

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