Fortnite's top ten yellow-colored skins

Fortnite's top ten yellow-colored skins ...

For the first time in Fortnite, there are a lot of skins, making it difficult to pick one out. One technique to narrow it down is to go by color. Here are the top ten yellow-colored skins in the game.

Anderson .Paak

Anderson.Paak, a real-world hip hop artist, and Bruno Mars, a fellow Silk Sonic member, joined Fortnite early in 2022, and Anderson wears a smooth yellow jumpsuit and bucket hat for one of his two looks.


Caution was introduced to the game a few years ago as part of the Beacons set a few years ago. Yellow is the color of genuine-life caution, as any traffic light will tell you. This skin is for players who want to remain alert to the dangers around them, and Fortnite has a large collection of them.


Cluck also made the list of the greatest Fortnite meme skins. He's literally an Easter egg, although one that hatched into a full chicken. The yellow Marshmallow Peeps coloring really brings the whole look together.


The color a warning isnt the only skin that indicates imminent danger. A crash test dummys life through a series of dangerous tests, yet Dummy manages to remain a pretty chipper chap. The air freshener is a nice touch too.

Megg & Webster

These two skins look like they might fit into that series' roster of scary characters in the correct context, according to the rusted yellow coating at the end of the day.


Min-Joon was hailed from the moment he was revealed. He is a strikingly cool swordsman, which brings Overwatchs Genji to mind for some. The contrasting colors of black and yellow reinforce the conflicting design philosophy.


Peely was a shoe-in for this list. Bananas are yellow. Peely is a banana. For many, he is the face of Fortnite (he also created the meme skins). This list would be undoubtedly incomplete without this potassium-rich inclusion.

Recline Raider

Real talk, this outfit just looks super comfortable. Its like something an athlete would wear in the locker room after a game. Its a work of art that demonstrates that this is what an explorer wears when they aren't climbing cliffs or spelunking in caves.


The Wolverine Zero Crew Pack is another must-have on this list. The blue-on-yellow X-Men costumes are iconic, and they go right into the world of Fortnite. They appear on comic book pages, and they appear in the middle of a battle royale as well.


Why did we choose to skip this one? Other than the Recline Raider and maybe Anderson.Paaks outfit, this is another look that you may absolutely rock in the real world. Make sure to remove the gun holsters before your business meeting.