Season 20 of NCIS: First Cover Photo!

Season 20 of NCIS: First Cover Photo! ...

As we await the CBS premiere of NCIS season 20 on September 19, we are grateful for any update we may get today. That means a brand-new photo highlighting one major aspect of the episode: the Hawaii crossover.

We know that this is something that the show is working on for a long time. In season 19, there was a crossover event that was somewhat less complete. What we ended up getting were some virtual appearances in part 1, whereas in part 2, Wilmer Valderrama and Katrina Law ended up going to Hawaii.

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Lachey and Jason Antoon are actually appearing in the flesh this time, along with Law, Valderrama, Sean Murray, and Rocky Carroll. Both Jane Tennant and Ernie Malick might be useful in supporting the team in dealing with a real threat in The Raven. We know that Alden Parker is currently in danger and the rest of the crew could join forces to save him and take the Raven down.

For the record, multipleNCIScast members will be appearing in theHawaiiepisode, so that is another thing to keep an eye on down the road. Expect a lot of action, plus a series of major twists.

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