Season 4 of The Orville: What might be explored if renewed?

Season 4 of The Orville: What might be explored if renewed? ...

The Orvilleand's season 3 finale was only thirty-six hours away, yet we still miss it. It's hard not to! From the visual effects to the overall scope of its stories, New Horizons was absolutely fantastic television.

We understand that season 3 ended in a way that gave the audience closure: Claire and Isaac are married, and most of the crew seems to be happy with where they are in the universe. Yet, there are still some other areas that need to be explored if the series is renewed, which it should be.

First and foremost, consider the possibility of Lysella becoming a full-time crew member! Following Charly Burke's death, there is a clear need to be filled. She still is very open to life aboard the ship and the technology, but who knows what she may become?

There are still other interesting relationships beyond Claire and Isaac. Take John and Talla, who had a brief romance that was quickly overshadowed by the fact that he kept accidentally hurting him. Is there a way for this to ever be addressed? The two clearly care a lot about each other, and we also wonder if Kelly and Eds' relationship will last long enough.

The Moclan Krill alliance may still be a problem for the Union moving forward. Some people may not be friends forever, and there is still a possibility the Kaylon may not remain friendly. There are many different things to consider in a show that can do fantastic things in its last episode.

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