Ellen Pompeo's changes to Greys Anatomy Season 19

Ellen Pompeo's changes to Greys Anatomy Season 19 ...

Ellen Pompeo will continue to voice the should and executive-produce in season 19, although she will only appear in about half of the episodes as she works on an Hulu project.

Pompeo is now quoting several more words from her podcastTell Me, which discusses what she would change about the medical drama in the future. She stated that she would like to see certain things play out differently when it comes to how the show handles serious situations:

If I had any desire honestly, it would be to be less sort of preachy in one episode about certain things. Its like, we do one episode about lets see Asian hate crimes is one that we did this past season that was really moving. Id like to see things happen more subtly and over time. You know, consistently and less sort of hit you over the head for only one hour and then we never talk about it again.

We do hope that certain parts of her statement here aren't lost in translation, as we don't think the actress is implying that the program will not address serious issues in the world today. Instead, she wants there to be more of a flow in it where you see things presented in a more natural manner, so that they stay in your head longer.

Why does the ABC show do this? Were certain a part of it is linked to them knowing that viewers do not always watch every episode in succession, and they like to have a standalone element to some of what they bring to the table. Still, we tend to believe that there can be a happy medium somewhere.

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