Three Hopes for Falcon Knight/Wyvern Lord in Fire Emblem Warriors

Three Hopes for Falcon Knight/Wyvern Lord in Fire Emblem Warriors ...

Pegasus Knights and Wyvern Riders are two classes that excel in airborne combat. These units had the largest Movement out of all Classes. Players could use a Class Seal to transform a unit from a Pegasus Knight/Wyvern Rider to a Falcon Knight/Wyvern Lord.In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, players can customize a unit more than in the previous game.

In Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, not every unit is suited to fly a pegasus or wyvern. Pegasus Knights/Falcon Knights are a female-exclusive Class, while Wyvern Riders/Wyvern Lords are not gender-exclusive Classes.

Falcon Knight vs. Wyvern Lord

Both Classes have similarities in that they're flying units that can be dismounted during battle. Both are extremely weak to bows, but they can fly over areas indicated by a "wing" icon on the map. They're especially useful when facing off thieves or messengers.

Again, there is the fact that only female units are capable of acquiring a Pegasus Knight/Falcon Knight Class. However, if female Shez and female Byleth master these Classes, the exclusive abilities may be transferred to their male counterparts in a New Game Plus.

Pegasus Knights and Falcon Knights have a good deal of range and strength as a unit. Their main weapon in Three Hopes is a lance, which is effective against sword-wielders but weak against axes.

Alert Stance + and Sword Buster Lv4 (Falcon Knight) increase the invincibility window when the Pegasus Knight/Falcon Knight dodges. Sword Buster increases the damage against enemies equipped with swords by 85% (lv2) and 95% (lv4).

Most units will learn Tableturner (Pegasus Knight) and Muster (Falcon Knight). These have the same effects as the Class Ability, Alert Stance(+), but may be upgraded if a unit changes Class (such as a Bow Knight).

After completing the first playthrough, units will have to master either the Cavalier or Pegasus Knight, which is an Intermediate Class. Then, they'll have to master the Paladin (Advanced) Class. Therefore, Master Seals can't be purchased or found on the War Map until Part 2.

A Wyvern Rider and Wyvern Lord have better Strength and Defense than Pegasus Knight Classes, but weak Resistance and Magic. This means it's best to keep them away from not only archers but also Gremory and Dark Bishop enemies. Wyvern Riders and Lords use axes in battle, giving them an advantage against lances.

Lance Buster lv3, which increases damage against lances by 90%, is a Wyvern Rider's class ability. Grievous Blow increases the damage of critical hits by 90%. Lv4's damage is increased to 95% instead of 90%.

Some Wyvern Riders may learn Safeguard instead, which restores HP to an assigned adjutant when using class actions.

Master Brigand (Intermediate) or Wyvern Rider (Advanced) for the Wyvern Lord Class. If players want more Combat Arts for the Wyvern Rider/Lord Class, they should upgrade the Armored Knight Classes.

Claude von Riegan acquires a Unique Class called Barbarossa, which performs the same as the other Wyvern Classes but instead has exclusive abilities and uses a bow as the main weapon. Despite being Claude's main weapon, the Barbarossa Class is still weak to arrows, unless Claude has a Nullify Flying Effect or an Aurora Shield.

Recommended Abilities and Units

When ranking up, keep in mind that units do not have the same Abilities. Some units have a higher proficiency with Pegasus/Wyvern Classes (indicated by the blue arrow on the Set Classes page), while others may work better when not equipped with a non-flying Class.

Each unit may acquire up to 10 abilities while upgrading the Tactics Facility. However, these are only a few abilities that may merit upgrading:

Ability Which Class? How to Unlock Description
Apex Lance Pegasus/Falcon Master the Paladin Class Increase critical hit damage when using a lance.
Lance Prowess Pegasus/Falcon Rank 2 of Paladin Increase damage by 10% when using a lance.
Pass Both Rank 1 of Trickster Easier to perform Perfect Dodge.
Tableturner Both (female units only) Rank 2 of Pegasus Knight Critical attack time is extended after executing a Perfect Dodge.
Muster Both (female units only) Master the Falcon Knight Class Increase all stats by 10 for a short period of time after a successful Perfect Dodge.
Aegis Both Rank 1 of Paladin Chance of nullifying damage from bows or tomes.
Apex Axe Wyvern Rider/Lord Master the Fortress Knight Class Increase critical hit damage when using an axe.
Axe Prowess Wyvern Rider/Lord Rank 2 of Warrior Increase damage by 10% when using an axe.
Wyvern Rider's Ploy Wyvern Rider/Lord Rank 2 of Wyvern Rider Guarantees to break an enemy's guard when using Wyvern Rider/Lord class actions as long as one bar of the Warrior Special is full.
Wyvern Rider's Wisdom Wyvern Rider/Lord Rank 2 of Wyvern Rider Increase damage to Stun Gauges when using a Wyvern Rider/Lord.
Nullify Flying Effect Both Master the Wyvern Lord Class Nullify effective against flying units.

Ingrid and Leonie are the best Falcon Knight units. However, it's worthwhile to master the Falcon Knight Class for Petra, Constance, and Leonie simply for the Flyswatter Innate Ability.

Caspar, Seteth, and Hilda are proficient in the Wyvern Lord Class. Jeritza and Arval must master the Wyvern Lord Class for Annette, Hapi, and Claude to obtain the Heaviest Hitter Innate Ability.

Three Hopes is now available on Nintendo Switch.