Rose Gold Equipment Should Be Introduced in Minecraft

Rose Gold Equipment Should Be Introduced in Minecraft ...

Copper was only used for a limited period when it was first introduced in Minecraft in the 1.17 version. Despite player demand, there were only two other uses for copper: a lightning rod and a spyglass.

If Mojang revisited copper's functionality and used gold equipment, it might achieve a "two birds, one stone" solution, such as gold pickaxes and axes being faster than diamond by a fraction of a second, and gold armor can help protect against Piglin aggression. However, gold's overall durability makes gear functionally useless compared to the likes of iron and diamond.

The Science Behind Rose Gold

The term "rose gold" is often confused with the trendy metallic pink that is popular in the tech industry and on every gadget or gadget available today. It's also a synthetic gold alloy that has developed. It's now popular among jewelers as an alternative to the older white and yellow gold colors seen before.

Rose gold might be integrated into Minecraft alongside gold and copper. Players are discouraged from crafting it, instead saving it for its many other uses, from golden apples to powered rails. The resulting metal might have the strength of iron but with the advantages of gold.

Iron to Rose Gold To Diamond

Players go from one material type to the next, initially wood before quickly jumping to stone. Even if they have encountered copper ore before or alongside iron ore, they will have likely seen gold gear as loot or will have attempted crafting it themselves, only to discover how weak the gear is. The next step in gear progression is to eventually acquire diamonds, which had been the highest level until the introduction of netherite.

Iron gear is preferred by players for a large part of Minecraft's early gameplay due to its relative abundance as well as its versatility and durability. Rose gold, however, may assist in enhancing this, since players will likely also have gold and copper saved by the time they have fully transitioned to iron. This would provide a new Minecraft building block, a new use for copper, and a motivation to save iron for other activities at later stages.

Adding rose gold to the mix wouldn't necessarily alter any of the existing established gear types currently available. Iron could still be considered as a viable and versatile resource in a pinch given its integration into a broad array of resources and equipment, and in a pinch players would still view iron as a decent substitute in the absence of rose gold gear. However, diamond gear might still be a better choice to rose gold since version 1.18, although players may save it for when they need it the most.

Minecraft is now available on mobile devices, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.