Science Fiction's Most Influential Women

Science Fiction's Most Influential Women ...

There are a lot of heroes in science fiction movies, more so than any other genre. Some of the stories are shown on the silver screen, while others are well-known. There are also a lot of notable female figures in the field that have been around for decades.

These are the top-notch women in the science fiction genre. They have blazed a trail that has allowed others to follow in their footsteps while also having the freedom toblaze their own trail. This elite class was chosen for a a number of reasons.

Carrie Fisher / Princess Leia

With A New Hope, most people assumed that a princess from the 1970s might be a damsel in distress. Although Princess Leia was indeed a damsel in distress at the start of the film, it soon became clear that she could more than handle herself if given half the chance.

Leia has become a symbol of strength and wisdom as she rises the ranks to general and leads the Rebel forces in their final battles against The New Order and their ilk in Star Wars movies. Although impressive, she did significantly alter the way her types of characters were written in science fiction and adventure films in the future.

Sigourney Weaver / Ellen Ripley

Any woman who is seen as highly influential in science fiction is viewed that way because she managed to change the way women were seen in these films, period. When Ellen Ripley first appeared onscreen in the first Alien film, she might have appeared as just another member of a somewhat naive cast.

Ellen Ripley became the only person who understood the adversaries for what they were, and she was the one who knew how to prevent them. In fact, she saved dozens of people in several movies that followed her introduction.

Gillian Anderson / Dana Scully

The X-Files was one of the most impactful science fiction shows to ever air on television. One of the main reasons for this impact was because the program would explore some truly bizarre human beings. Gillian Anderson played Dana Scully during her time as a lead actress.

While the X-Files' purpose was to demonstrate that Scully was not always right and that Mulder was aware of possible flaws in the background, there were also occasions when Scully was absolutely right. This is because, while Gillian Anderson was quite attractive and many people wanted to see her and her partner eventually hook up, the program kept it professional.

Carrie Anne-Moss / Trinity

Trinity might have been the most important character in The Matrix, although she wasn't technically the one. She'd also be quite a lot longer than Neo was in terms of her ability to fight the "Agents." She was also capable of hanging in those situations, and there were times when she really stood out.

When everything is said and done, Moss plays a key part in a completely different role in the newest Matrix reboot. Trinity has been a sign of strength even when she wasn't with Neo.

Linda Hamilton / Sarah Connor

When it comes to the characters and women who truly made an impact on the sci-fi genre, Linda Hamilton fits the bill. Sarah Conner, who started Terminator as someone who was always in danger of the killer robot, is really where Sarah Connor developed from a damsel in distress into someone who protected others.

When one looks at how many other actors have tried to play the character, it's impossible to argue how significant the character of Linda Hamilton and her portrayal of Connor was.