7 Kingdom Hearts Characters Who Wear the Most Impractical Clothes

7 Kingdom Hearts Characters Who Wear the Most Impractical Clothes ...

The Kingdom Hearts series is well-known as being one of Square Enix's most bizarre properties. By incorporating Disney-themed worlds and characters native to Final Fantasy, series director Tetsuya Nomura managed to create one of the most popular JRPG experiences in gaming history.

Several Kingdom Hearts characters have undergone costume changes since their inception. Although these changes often see each character receiving a much more practical outfit, there are instances when a once purposeful outfit is replaced by something less suited.

7 Ansem's Heart

Sora pays a visit to the Secret Place, a small cave that he and his friends used to visit as children, and decides to add a little more detail into it before going on his first adventure. Once finished, he notices a strange figure in a brown robe hiding behind him.

In Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, this strange robed figure was nothing more than a floating heart. He was scouting the universe in search of a body that could protect him from danger. Xehanort prides himself on designing an outfit for his exposed, vulnerable heart.

6 Every Member Of Organization 13

In Kingdom Hearts 3, the iconic coat worn by all Organization 13 members was revealed to serve a purpose. These unassuming black cloaks protect the wearer while they navigate the dark corners of existence. It's a must-have for everyone who is going through a dark journey.

The coat is a must-have item in any dark-wielder's wardrobe, but it's far from a practical outfit. Each Organization member chooses to zip the coat up to their neck, an aesthetic choice that may limit one's movement. While attempting to conceal their identities, members will pull the jacket's hood over their heads, limiting their peripheral vision.

5 Brain

Due to their unique abilities, a Keyblade wielder will eventually be able to perform incredible aerial maneuvers as a means of traversal and combat. Wearing the appropriate gear for doing should be a wielder's primary concern when departing from their world.

Brain denies any idea of this thought process in the outfit he chooses to wear. In terms of Kingdom Hearts' aesthetic, the black fedora he chooses to place on his head is a very poor choice for an up-and-coming Keyblade master. Perhaps Missing Link will reveal how Brain manages to keep his hat on while going through the sky.

4 Ira

In Kingdom Hearts 2.8: The Final Chapter Prologue, Ira is an ancient Keyblade Master and leader of the Unicornis Union, a group of young and dedicated Keyblade wielders who strive to protect the world by defeating the powers of darkness. His choice of outfit is likely to lead to his demise.

Ira wears an elegant gown that covers all of his body and, although they do not impair his combat abilities, it is hard to believe they do not partially restrain him. His gown is impractical, but his mask is probably the most ridiculous part of his outfit. Ira's face is a unicorn, and all of his combat encounters are likely to be more difficult than they should be.

3 Aqua

Aqua, a daughter of Eraqus, a pioneer in the Land of Departure, devotes her life to the pursuit of Keyblade mastery. She, along with Terra, participate in the Mark of Mastery, a test that assesses a wielder's abilities to see if they are worthy of the title. The end result of the test sees Aqua become the winner due to her impressive abilities, but not for her outfit choice.

Aqua's outfit does a little to nothing in terms of comfort, although her halter top and stockings only serve to provide little help against harsh weather. These are just a few examples of why she chose to shield her arms and feet from her vital organs. Despite their strange appearance, Aqua is much more likely to harm herself before harming her foes.

2 Kairi

Kairi, a novice Keyblade wielder with little experience, makes it a surprise to discover such an impractical outfit. She would have worn something that offered protection in the Keyblade War if she had the chance.

Kairi instead opts to wear a pink blouse and a plaid skirt, revealing her as a passive threat. Though the hood of her dress has cute cat ears, these distract from her combat abilities and instead portray her as an empty threat.

1 Sora

Sora's outfit in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance was largely similar to his attire in the original Kingdom Hearts, which included a comically large pair of red shorts and a similar red jumpsuit. However, Sora chose not to wear these childish outfits until Kingdom Hearts 2. He prefers something more suitable to him.

Sora will fall at an understandable rate after he jumps from a ledge, but this should not be the case. He should be able to either negate gravity altogether and float upwards, according to the game. This shirt was placed on Sora when he entered the Sleeping Worlds to follow his surroundings, but both outfits are pleasant.