Review of Prey

Review of Prey ...

The Predator franchise is an unusual beast, one great action/horror blockbuster in the 80s that many filmmakers have attempted and failed to follow up. With Prey, the fifth entry in the franchise, director Dan Trachtenberg adds new weight to the material while also putting together perhaps the greatest entry since the first.

Prey pits a familiar Yautja hunter against the Comanche people in the 18th-century Great Plains area. It's the first big franchise feature of its kind to star an almost entirely Native American cast. Dakota Beavers, Stormee Kip, Michelle Thrush, and Julian Black Antelope lead the way.

Naru, a young Comanche girl who has been trained extensively as a healer, longs for the glory and pleasure of life as a hunter. Despite her elders' disapproval, she trains hard, becoming a gifted warrior and an almost preternaturally gifted hunter. As she strives to survive, she discovers something even more deadly.

When Billy Sole, a Special Forces tracker for Sonny Landham's 1987 classic Predator, discovers the eponymous threat and makes a decision, his is the only death that has a sense of significance. With Prey, Trachtenberg aims to draw the lines in a far more positive light.

The Yautja isn't putting any weight on these characteristics, as the franchise was known for over 35 years. The Yautja isn't putting any punches on this film, which isn't just about the changes that are made; it's also about the storytelling. The action is unsurpassed and the horror elements are flawless.

The only significant weakness of Prey is its script. There are a lot of long scenes in complete silence, but the emotional depth can be felt in every moment. The script's most annoying habit is its need to drop very obvious dialogue. It's annoyingly common, and any experienced viewer would be annoyed by such blatant foreshadowing and reincorporation.

Prey is easily the best Predator film since the first, and it's far superior in many ways to the source material. It's all about reimagining the franchise's core, capturing the essence of what people loved about the original feature, and nailing every detail with laser-like precision, and it's all about putting the franchise's core values.

Prey is now available on Hulu.