Valheim Multiplayer: 7 Game-Breaking Exploits

Valheim Multiplayer: 7 Game-Breaking Exploits ...

The multiplayer experience at Valheim is a lot of fun to play, especially with a group of dedicated players. What starts as a bunch of half-naked Vikings on a field quickly transforms into a group of fully-armored warriors fighting fantastical beasts and roaming around the globe in their longship.

And, a lot of the enjoyment from this survival game comes from players gradually increasing their skills, resources, and armory. That said, there are still quite a few, relatively easy, ways to basically "cheat" Valheimto, so let's go over a few of them so players can see what to look out for in their servers.

7 The "Heavy Load" Workaround

This first exploit is by far the most sneakiest and most commonly used in multiplayer servers. It's a way of using Valheim's character and world systems to return thousands of pounds of valuable materials (Copper, Iron, Silver) without any risk to the player's home base.

A player simply gathers everything they need to bring home into their inventory, goes through a tiny home, then returns to multiplayer to unload all their loot, and then makes one last trip back to multiplayer to unload all their loot.

6 Don't Bring Your Cheat-Spawned Items Here

Though, to be honest, players who are using the load transferring technique described above may as well just launch a single-player development console, as the load transfer exploit is just about what most would consider "cheating" anyway. Being able to import those cheated items into a multiplayer server is an absolute necessity.

Say a player is jealous of all the Stone another player made out of their castle construction. This player can go into their single-player game, open the command console, and add thousands of Stone to their inventory. During a play session where multiple people are connected to the server, it's almost certain that this is what they're doing.

5 All The Abyssal Harpoon Shenanigans

Finally, a multiplayer strategy that's less frustrating but more of a creative mindset. Basically, players can get an Abyssal Harpoon that's made from basic materials as well as Chitin obtained from the Leviathan floating island creatures.

The Abyssal Harpoon is primarily intended to be used to engulf tamed animals into their pens or to engulf sea serpents close to shore so that their item drops won't sink. Alternatively, a two-player team might plummet a piece of silver mining and haul it back to the boat or portal.

4 Turning Trolls To Lumberjacks

It's quite frightening when players get a start at Valheim and enter the Black Forest biome for the first time, only to face off with giant blue Trolls native to this Biome. They're the first mob where a block can fail and stagger the player, but once players improve their armor and shield, they're much less scary.

Their wide horizontal swings almost always knock down any trees they hit, but it's a surefire way to get some wood very quickly with a Portal nearby.

3 Hammer Hand-Clearing For Ease Of Movement

Next up is a speedrunning feature that allows a player to save time and avoid movement penalties as well as avoiding enemies or escaping one of the many Swamp monsters.

The Hammer tool has no animation for removing or removing it, therefore players can equip and un-equip it (hence the double tap) to quickly clear their hands and begin running.

2 The Infamous Greydwarf Spawner Exploit

This is the most commonly used "exploit" of the game of all time, since it's usually a prerequisite function at a certain point unless players want to spend 50+ hours farming wood and stone throughout their entire playtime. This technique involves finding a Greydwarf spawner somewhere in the overworld (these mobs often drop a bit of wood and stone on death) and digging a massive crevice underneath it.

This spawner will not fall when the ground is gone beneath it, as stones, branches, and trees do. Instead, it will just float there, and any Greydwarfs that spawn from it will spawn in the hole below. Then, players simply need to tame two wolves and push them into this crevice, and they've done it.

1 Item Duplication Using The Game Files

Another technique that's basically cheating is to alter Valheim's save files, so here's another example of what's just cheating. Whatever is in the player's inventory, it's just to put it in their inventory, delete it, and replace it with their character file.

Once players return to the game, they'll have all of the items in their inventory again, as well as a copy of all of the items in the chest. Unfortunately, this one is a bit harder to catch than the other tricks, so players really just need to follow the "honor system" when it comes to preventing exploits like this one in a multiplayer environment.

Valheim is available now for PC in early access and will release in early 2023 for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.