One Piece: Was Buggy Better Off For Having Eaten His Devil Fruit?

One Piece: Was Buggy Better Off For Having Eaten His Devil Fruit? ...

When it came to the Orange Town arc of One Piece, viewers were treated to a fun and unique origin story for the main antagonist. Usually flashbacks involving antagonists are limited to how they directly affected one of the Straw Hats, as with Arlong returning to his treatment of Nami. Instead with Buggy the Clown viewers got to see exactly what transformed Buggy into the pirate he is today.

One Piece follows Monkey D. Luffy's quest to become King of the Pirates. In his quest to gather a crew, he encounters more than a few notorious pirates, with one major exception in the form of Shanks.

What Happened to Buggy?

Buggy was raised aboard a ship with Red-Haired Shanks, and because of the way they spent their time together, he has a special hatred in his heart for the other pirate. During a raid, Buggy discovers a treasure map that he believes to be in the middle of the ocean. Due to his intense love of treasure and wealth, he hides the map from his shipmates and plans to go seek that treasure on his own.

Shanks discusses a new valuable item discovered in the raid, the Chop Chop Devil Fruit. This is what he believes is worth a fortune in berries, so he prepares a performance in which he eats a phony version of the fruit while actually getting the real one.

Shanks meets Buggy while he attempts to flee the ship and engages in a casual conversation. During this interaction Buggy accidentally swallows the real Devil Fruit and in the process loses his ability to swim. He is saved by Shanks, but Buggy does not view this as a benevolent act. Instead, he blames Shanks for the loss of valuable fruit.

Clearly a mistake, but was it for the Better?

Buggy believes that his failure to swallow the fruit cost him all of his dreams. Instead, he had to concentrate on getting all of the treasure on dry land. He laments his inability to sell the Devil Fruit, but he became functionally invincible in trade.

If you have maps to the treasure sunk in the ocean during this great pirate age in One Piece, it's highly unlikely that you will be able to locate it all. Additionally, because he can't swim, does not mean he can't have lackeys do it for him. During the battle with Luffy, he could have sailed his ship to that location and forced one of his sailors to retrieve it.

He lacked the profit that he would have made selling the fruit. However, as previously mentioned, he is functionally invincible. His battle with Luffy demonstrates that he has certainly practiced the skill sufficiently to suggest that he does use it often. Perhaps the more dangerous heists that he has been able to pull off with the fruit would have more than paid for the fruit he would have been able to earn.