7 Things You Might Not Know About Sabo in One Piece

7 Things You Might Not Know About Sabo in One Piece ...

Sabo is the sworn brother of Luffy and Ace, and was the first of three brothers to sail to Baltigo, but he was killed by a Celestial Dragon. He was rescued by Monkey D. Dragon, who took him to Baltigo and trained him. Under the supervision of the head officers of the Revolutionary Army, Sabo became extremely powerful and is currently one of the strongest characters in One Piece.

Sabo was made the chief of staff of the Revolutionary Army in the United States in the late 1970s, and there is still a lot that the fans do not know about him. Here are a few things that every One Piece fan should know.

7 Most Popular Revolutionary

Sabo has barely been involved in the plot, but he did manage to win over the fans. Despite having just a handful of appearances in the series, Sabo has gained immense popularity, and the fans have openly voted for him in fan polls.

Sabo finished ninth in the sixth fan poll, making him the most popular member of the Revolutionary Army. Sabo dropped one spot to tenth in the subsequent fan poll, which is understandable considering he did not play a significant role in any arc following Dressrosa.

6 Tallest Brother

The three brothers had a remarkable bond that enabled them to deal with difficult situations early on in their lives. The three brothers were physically much better than the others of the same age. They were even able to defeat animals that were larger in size.

Sabo is the tallest of the three brothers, with a height of 187 cm (6'1"), which makes him taller than Ace, who had a height of 185 cm (6'1"), while Luffy is the thinnest with a height of 174 cm (5'8").

5 Astounding Parallels With Ace

Ace and Sabo were younger than Luffy and were required to take care of their younger brother. Secondly, the way they were introduced: Both Sabo and Ace were introduced when Luffy and his crew tried to defeat a Shichibukai.

Secondly, the pair have prevented other antagonists from attempting to harm Luffy. Smoker prevented Fujitora and Burgess from capturing Luffy, while Sabo blocked Fujitora and Burgess in Dressrosa. Both left vivre cards before leaving.

4 Sabo and Sanji

Both of them were born into wealthy families, but they did not care about power and wealth. Sabo's parents did not care about his well-being, rather, they wanted him to behave like a royal. This resulted in him fleeing his house, but his parents became more strict with him.

Sanji's mother was gentle, and she taught him many lessons about them. Judge branded Sanji a failure and threw him in jail. Fortunately, Reiju still had some kindness left in her, so she freed him and sent him to a ship.

3 Voiced By Naruto's Voice Actor

Additional information about Ace, Luffy, and Sabo were revealed in the Post Marineford arc. They were all very close while growing up, but they were separated when Sabo was attacked, which saddened the other two.

Sabo's favorite meal was revealed in an SBS interview, which is a tribute to the main character of the Naruto series.

Junko Takeuchi portrayed Sabo in his younger version, who also voiced Naruto Uzumaki, another fictional character who loves ramen.

2 Immortalized By Ace

Ace and Luffy assumed Sabo to be dead, so the two brothers knew they had to keep an eye on each other. So, they stayed together until Ace set sail. Soon, Ace became a well-known pirate, and he was offered the position of a Shichibukai.

Ace loved his brothers, especially Sabo, and despite his fame, he did not forget about him. Ace got a tattoo that spelled "ASCE," but the "S" was removed as a tribute to his "fallen" brother.

1 Akin To Artful Dodger

Sabo is similar to fictional characters from other series. Dodger wore a top hat and a waistcoat, and both Sabo and Dodger were members of a child thieves' gang in the Gray Terminal.