Damian Priest of WWE says The Judgment Day faction was never meant to be supernatural

Damian Priest of WWE says The Judgment Day faction was never meant to be supernatural ...

Damian Priest, a WWE superstar, claims that the Judgment Day faction was never meant to be supernatural.

Before the group turned against him in June, Edge was originally led by Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley.

Edge himself was adamantly opposed to this. However, speaking exclusively to Digital Spy,Priests said that was not the case. In fact, it was more the opposite.

"I guess I understand why people thought that," Priest said. "I don't know where the actual legend that that's what was originally planned, because it never was."

We discussed whether or not we wanted that, including Vince [McMahon] himself, who did not want the group to be supernatural-based. We were all in agreement.

"We did some things that appeared to be that way, I know I did a thing with lightning one night, and the idea wasn't about the supernatural, but it came out that way," said the couple, who immediately said, "OK, let's not revisit that because it came off that way."

Priest said he wouldn't have been opposed to the group going in a supernatural direction.

"I wouldn't have been against it for me personally," he said. "I've been a fan of The Undertaker and so many iconic characters that had to do with the supernatural." I was like, 'Yeah, I want powers!'

"But it wasn't a planned action, either.

"Naturally, when you involve somebody like Edge and we're on the darker side, it's gonna be, I guess, assumed and hinted at, like, 'Maybe this is a thing,' but no that wasn't part of it.

"It was just more of a vibe that we wanted, that darker vibe and that darker atmosphere, and people to look at us like, 'That's different, that's weird,' explains the author.

"That's what we wanted." "That's not something you see every day on the street," says the author. "It was never intended to be spooky with powers and stuff, but I would have been okay with it."

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