After her father's death, Emmerdale star Lisa Riley expresses her regret at returning to work

After her father's death, Emmerdale star Lisa Riley expresses her regret at returning to work ...

Following a family bereavement, Emmerdale actress Lisa Riley spoke up about returning to work, declaring that she expects her to return "too soon."

Speaking to The Mirror, the actress, who has played Mandy Dingle since 1995, talked about her husband's death.

"It has been a difficult time, and the family is still very raw." According to Nana, I shouldn't have returned to work so quickly when she passed.

Al's mother, known to Lisa as 'Nana,' passed away earlier this year. Riley took a brief break from filming after the loss, but returned to work before the funeral, something she now believes was inappropriate.

"What I wanted to do was stay put, and I had to go deep to record the scenes, and I now realize it was the wrong thing to do before the funeral."

Riley was nevertheless full of admiration for the Emmerdale cast and crew who were all in full support, despite admitting that starting early was not the best move. "What it continues to make me realise, though, is how incredible they all are. They have been beyond amazing," she said.

Riley was adamant about her husband, adding: "Tragedy does draw people together. I'm so grateful we've got each other."

Riley said she's often referred to Al's mother, and how her grief has brought back fond memories of her parents' deaths.

"It was identical to my own mother, and it brought all of my childhood memories back. Al's mum was like a second mum to me, and we all became so close."

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If you agree with any of the themes discussed in this article, the NHS has resources available in the United Kingdom to assist with grief counseling and other help. In the United States, the CDC has also resources available for those who are grieving.