Poldark and The Crown star in a new tennis drama series Get a First Look

Poldark and The Crown star in a new tennis drama series Get a First Look ...

Poldark may have come to an end, and The Crown may be wrapping up shortly enough, but some of the programs' stars are turning their attention to the tennis court for a brand new drama.

Fifteen-Love, by Hania Elkington, will be available on Amazon Prime Video next year in the United Kingdom and Ireland, with Aidan Turner of Poldark and Ella Lily Hyland serving as the lead actors.

Anna Chancellor of the Crown, Jessica Darrow of Encanto, Steffan Rhodri of House of the Dragon, and others are expected to join the drama.

Justine Pearce, a young sports prodigy who climbed to the top of the Grand Slam tennis, will be played by Hyland, while Turner will serve as her coach. Glenn Lapthorn has been appointed as the next coach.

Fifteen-Love re-visits the pair's dynamics following a devastating injury that has forced Justine off the court.

Justine is a therapist at her old tennis school, Longwood, alongside her former physio. She seems to be recuperating, both physically and psychologically, from her horrific downfall on the global stage.

"But when Justine makes an outrageous accusation against her former coach, everyone at Longwood is forced to reconsider everything they thought they knew about Justine and Glenn's previous successes."

Fifteen-Love will feature Justine and Glenn in a "battle over the truth... as they both seek glory at the Grand Slam grass court event of the year."

Aidan Turner said he is "excited" to take on the role of Glenn, saying: "Hania's scripts and characters are so rich and varied, touching on issues and themes within the sport world that I doubt have been explored on screen before."

Ella Lily Hyland said: "When I read Fifteen-Love, I was struck immediately by how important and unique the story felt. Hania's writing is looking at the deeper issues in relationship and power dynamics. Justine is a beautiful, complex character. I feel very fortunate to be a part of such a brave and bold team."

Some time next year, Fifteen-Love will launch on Prime Video UK and Ireland.

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