Was Days Fans Dissatisfied? How Will Mer 'Leave' Grey's? Is Riverdale Twist the Most? More Qs!

Was Days Fans Dissatisfied? How Will Mer 'Leave' Grey's? Is Riverdale Twist the Most? More Qs! ...

Weve got questions, and you've (maybe) got answers! Upon the passing of another week of TV, there were lobbing inquiries left and right about a wide array of programs including Riverdale, Only Murders in the Building, Days of Our Lives, and The Orville!

Sophie had a brief memory of, and why did the woman call her Tess? Did Sophie possibly create a new identity for herself when she began dating James, or do you have a different hypothesis?

2 | Is it too easy to speculate, Blood & Treasure supporters, that someone is attempting to clone Genghis Khan?

3 | What odds do you give The Chis Jada and Darnell of achieving a happy conclusion this time around? 70-30? 80-20?

4 | Had you correctly assumed that Westworlds Jay had been swapped out with a host in the previous episode, when he was unseen for a moment during the stairwell foot chase?

Is The Entity business one of the many perplexing things going on with Evil? Have you ever been depressed to see Kurt so easily drawn into Lelands shenanigans?

6 | What do you think about a whole season set in the 1950s with Archie and the gang back in high school? Will this twist repeat the show's core couples again, too? How long will Jughead wait for someone else to discover his pre-comet knowledge?

7 | Was the premiere date for Andors pushed back in order to allow She-Hulk to get a lot more attention on Disney+, or to keep the Star Wars series away from the ballyhooed debuts of House of the Dragon and Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power?

What's your number one must-happen wish for The Flash's short, final season? Cobalt Blue? A Legends rescue? Somehow, some way, Oliver Queen from the Arrowverse?

9 | Does Industrys Harper have a shot in hell at securing Jesse Bloom as her new client?

10 | What are the odds that the Everybody Still Hates Chris animated series will add a neighborhood bully named Willy?

12 | Are you ready to see more of Teddy and Edens scenes in future episodes?

13 | Atlanta fans, did you get a glimpse of Katt Williams Uncle Willy in the Season 4 teaser, which confirmed the hell return for another season?

14 | Do you think Greys Anatomy will/should account, on-camera, for Ellen Pompeo/Merediths' limited presence in Season 19?

15 | Is Days of Our Lives moving to Peacock, as some fans have argued, better than cancellation, since the soap will continue, but some/many simply wont be able to continue watching? Which move is more likely to go back to ABC or Peacock, like Dancing With the Stars?

Is Sarah the Challenge: USAs going to murder Tyson while he sleeps? But seriously, did Tyson turn on his Survivor crew too early, and do you think this weeks major move could prevent him from reaching the final?

18 | Was the conclusion to The Orvilles' otherwise uneventful, exciting season surprisingly quiet and untwist-free? Or, was Seth MacFarlane just hedging his bets/avoiding cliffhangers, in a rare instance where you felt every second of its 81-minute runtime?

Is Kyle and Alyssas' new showmance nearly too cringey to watch by Big Brother standards? And now, resubmit our futile plea one more time: Can we please resume our Head of Household competitions that ended during the eviction episode?

20 | Not to be insensitive, but when The Sandman in Episode 2 was so ecstatic about killing Gregory the Gargoyle, were you like, Cant he just make another one later?

Any other questions you wish to share or respond to will be sent to the comments!