The 'Alien' series will follow the first two films in the franchise's tone

The 'Alien' series will follow the first two films in the franchise's tone ...

According to The Hollywood Reporter, FX CEO John Landgraf has provided more insight into what fans can expect from the upcoming Alien series.

Landgraf predicts the series will return to the franchise's original roots in the near future.

Landgraf said of the upcoming series, I remember seeing both of them at the theater and how surprising each of them was in its own way. So, like his approach to Fargo, Noah decided not to take Ripley or any character from Alien except maybe the xenomorph itself, instead go back and investigate what made the franchise so great and so resilient in the first place.

After the discontenting reactions of recent films such as Prometheus and Alien: Covenant, Landgraf did not provide any specific plot details.

The first Alien, directed by Ridley Scott, was released in 1979, and it became an instant box office and critical smash hit, thanks to the film's unique and creative alien design. The sequel, Aliens, directed by James Cameron, was released in 1986, to similar success, and added to the series' history by introducing the Alien Queen, which has remained a staple of the franchise. Now with a new series on the way, fans of the franchise can soon return to the terror that showed audiences that you can

No release date has been set yet due to the show's status in development. The untitled Alien series will launch on Hulu when it is released. Check out the official trailer for the original Alien film below: