'No,' says the woman in the hat at Jupiter's accusation

'No,' says the woman in the hat at Jupiter's accusation ...

NopeYouve seen her. Even if you haven't seen Jordan Peeles Nope, youve seen her in the film teases. She has a thick veil that blows aside in the breeze, revealing a terrifyingly disfigured face.

If you have seen the trailer, you will know that this is the only glimpse into the woman's disfigurement. However, there is a very good explanation for her disfigurement.

Mary Jo Elliott is an actress who co-starred with Ricky Jupe Park (Steven Yeun) in Gordys Home, a show about a family who had a pet chimpanzee, Gordy. Unfortunately, during a second season episode about Gordy's birthday, a Mary Jos character gives Gordy a box of balloons as a present.

Gordy goes berserk and murders the two actors who play the parents. He attacks Mary Jo, and while he doesnt kill her, he maims her beyond recognition. Gordy is shot dead by his handler before he can attack Ricky, who is hiding beneath a table.

Mary Jo goes to Ricky's Claim to see his brand new Star Lasso Experience. She wears a sweatshirt with her picture on it because her face is completely unrecognizable now, and she hides her disfigurement behind the veil, but the smiling garment, which she has taken since she was a kid, has her smiling brightly.

Ricky wants to use the show to demonstrate his skill with animals or, in this case, with creatures from other cultures. Unfortunately, the alien, Jean Jacket, is eaten by everyone in the theater.