In MultiVersus, how do you obtain knockback feedback?

In MultiVersus, how do you obtain knockback feedback? ...

Multiversus, a character brawler, takes its inspiration from Super Smash Bros. in many ways. It's easy to grasp the game's mechanic of directional influence: the ability for the person being hit to influence the direction in which his character sails across the screen. Like its Smash Bros. counterpart, it allows players to survive potentially fatal blows. This article will explain why knockback influence is so important and how to maximize its use.

[Ed. note: MultiVersus has also provided a knockback influence tutorial, but it appears to be glitched and wouldn't recognize player input. Some players have brute-forced a completion by pressing the PlayStation or Xbox home button in addition to the directional stick movements indicated.] The remainder of our article explains how to actually use knockback influence.

When your character is damaged in MultiVersus, a number appears at the bottom of the screen, causing it to increase in different amounts; the greater the number, your character will be thrown back and stunned by attacks. There is a way to overpower a high percentage and avoid being destroyed.

How to use directional influence to survive

Heavily damaged players in MultiVersus are given some influence on how they move during their in-air flight. They can aim at a wall to hold their momentum, or aim to a spot that wont spell certain doom. With enough practice, timing and aiming your direction right can transform a probable death into a second chance.

To do this, first you need to pay attention and react to the direction youve been sent in. After taking the hit and getting sent flying, hold the control stick in the direction youd like to go.

Holding the control stick in the opposite direction isnt as simple as launching it straight to the left or right. This may save you time while the knockbacks wear off. If you hit the wall blast zone directly, hold your control stick in the opposite direction, and you should be able to return to the stage.

Other uses of directional influence

Multiversus, like its sister platform fighter Smash Bros, has other directional influences as well. One that youll often be using as much as knockback influence is combo directional influence. This involves moving the control stick in a certain direction in order to avoid conflict. Many times you'll be surviving as long as possible without losing early lives to combos that don't account for directional influence.

The direction you want to go for in a combo will vary from combo to combo. However, the tried and true strategy that may save you from many situations especially in this very early beta meta is to just keep your distance from your attacker. This will gradually pull you out of the attackers onslaught, especially if its a simple jab combo.

In platform fighters, directional influence is one of your main defensive mechanisms, and that remains true in MultiVersus. If you master it, you'll soon notice yourself doing a whole lot more surviving than exploding. Sometimes well beyond the 100 percent mark.