Scarlet and Violets Pokemon The Terastal Phenomenon may forever alter Pokemon hunting

Scarlet and Violets Pokemon The Terastal Phenomenon may forever alter Pokemon hunting ...

On Wednesday, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet received a new trailer that revealed more about what our journeys in the Paldea area will be like. The trailer also showed off new colorful Pokemon, including new Terastal Pokemon, that were previously unveiled.

In the video, a Pokemon can transform into a bedazzled version of itself with a neat jewel-like hat fashioned like flowers and balloons. Terastallizing also helps a Pokemons type and make its moves stronger, and each individual Pokemon capable of the transformation will have a unique Terastal power that can change its elemental type.

The change will likely make waves in the competitive Pokemon community. You may be facing a Pokemon like Pikachu that you have known all your life, but the Terastal Phenomenon puts its type into question, leaving you wondering if the matchup you've chosen is effective or weak against your opponent.

The Terastal Phenomenon will likely affect Pokemon collecting as well. With 18 different types in total, the addition of new forms creates an astonishingly large roster of possible Pokemon combinations for enthusiasts to chase after. A Shiny hunter, a type of Pokemon fan who chases after special, rare Shiny forms of Pokemon, may decide to pursue not just regular Eevee and shiny Eevee, but all the shiny Terastral forms of Eevee.

Tera Raid Battles might require collectors to endure seemingly endless grind in order to catch a complete set of Shiny Terastral forms, according to the developers.

The addition of a new Pokemon form even if it might require additional grinding gives collectors something new to pursue. With Terastral forms, the first game mechanic to introduce a battle mechanic like this was Pokemon X and Y with Mega Evolution. Its really cool to see a game mechanic that appears to speak to the collecting side of the community later this year.