When will Verdansk return to Warzone?

When will Verdansk return to Warzone? ...

Verdansk was the titles sole major map until Vanguard was released. Caldera was the replacement for Verdansk for Call of Duty: Warzone.

The change involved adapting for players, and with time, Warzone fans developed to fall in love with Caldera and its exotic POIs. It's relatively easy to substitute the original, however, and CoD enthusiasts may wish for a bit of nostalgia.

Although having both maps included in the game sounds great, the huge file size of Warzone makes it unfavorable. Bringing the map back would mean a massive patch for the players, and a frustrating sight for those who have a slower internet connection.

So, for the time being, there is no set date for a long-awaited Verdansk return in Warzone.

Josh Bridge, the coDs live operations director in an interview with TeePee, a former CoD pro and streamer, explained that the main barrier to bringing maps back into Warzone is download sizes.

Bridge stated that there is a technical issue. The install and reinstall amounts are fucking crazy. If we pulled out Caldera and said OK, were going to drop in Verdanskthis could mean redownloading the size of Warzone. Every time we do that, we lose players.

Verdansk does not have a fixed return date, but Activision Alex Summers expressed this during a livestream, saying Verdansk might return to certain platforms.

It's highly probable that the platform in question might be something newer. Activision has confirmed that Warzone Mobile is in the works. If the developers choose to copy the same timeline as the original game, Verdansk will be the first available map in the mobile version of Warzone.