Valyn on LCQ against the Sentinels: The biggest match in NA and we stayed focused

Valyn on LCQ against the Sentinels: The biggest match in NA and we stayed focused ...

Jacob Valyn Batio, the Guards' in-game leader, told Dot Esports that he was proud of his team's ability to remain composed against an unpredictable Sentinels team. And with the win now under their belts, he's confident they'll go on a long run.

Valyn said in a post-match interview that we played literally the biggest match in NA and that we remained calm. That gives me confidence that no one was frightened about what we were going to do, no matter how well we play we're going to go out on a heater.

The Guard were blinded, falling to pieces against two of the greatest VALORANT teams in the world in OpTic and Paper Rex in their first match since. But in their most significant match since, in front of a record-breaking online audience, the Guard regained the intensity that captivated all of NA just a few months ago.


All eyes were on Sentinels and The Guard's opening NA Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) game yesterday, with Sentinels debuting mega-streamer Michael shroud Grzesiek and permanent addition Jordan Zellsis Montemurro. The match was the most highly watched in an NA competition with over 600,000 peak viewers across official streams and co-streams on Twitch and YouTube. Valyn and The Guard had to face a fan favorite cold.

Valyn said the first match for our team is always the toughest. Thats where you see some jitters or thats where you see people who aren't really in the match mode yet. But it's a big relief for us that we've won this first match, because now we're still in the upper bracket and we've gotten the match experience we needed again.

The Guard's failed attempts on the international stage were attributed to the meta shift that affected The Guard, who had trouble moving away from Jett and incorporating Raze and Neon into comps, while the rest of NA was already doing so.

Valyn said coach Matthew mCe Elmore reminded players of a team that: No matter what you do, whether it's dumb or big, as long as we do it together, its a fine play. This was instrumental in the team returning to the style of play that helped them achieve success in Stage One: peeking together, taking fights and engagements, and not being passive.


The Guard even took a nasty blow on Sentinels retakes with a Brimstone pick.

If The Guard can regain their confidence, then another international appearance for the young roster that is still on the rise is certainly on the way. Their upper bracket semifinal match is scheduled for Saturday, August 6 at 3pm CT.