Could Twitch gambling content soon be removed?

Could Twitch gambling content soon be removed? ...

The slots category on Twitch has grown significantly this year, with sites such as Stake sponsoring content creators to play the gambling game on the platform.

Sponsored content by Stake, which encourages well-known artists like xQc and Trainwrecks, is usually used by developers to market and promote their games.

Twitch has already banned the use of streamer referral codes for gambling websites, but more action may be on the way, according to a Bloomberg report.

A spokesperson for Twitch told Bloomberg that the platform is currently engaged in a deep dive into Twitch's gambling habits. This comes as sponsored gambling streams remain a hot topic on the platform.

Many content creators refuse to accept sponsorships, yet others are willing to take the money, claiming it as financial security for their future. In the spring, sponsored gambling streams led to a lot of creators making statements on the topic.

Some popular artists, such as Asmongold and Pokimane, have said that they would never pursue a sponsored stream. Hasan went so far as to explain how individuals like xQc benefit from fan losses, and Ludwig suggested that Twitch abolish sponsored gambling entirely.

Mizkif noted that he does not condemn people like xQc for pursuing gambling streams because everyone has a fucking price. However, if Twitch decides to take action, it may not matter for too long.

The spokesperson stated that she takes any potential harm to our community very seriously. Although gambling content represents only a fraction of the content streamed on Twitch, we monitor it closely to ensure that our approach mitigates any potential harm to our worldwide community.