The LCK match between DRX and NS RedForce is plagued by a respawn bug

The LCK match between DRX and NS RedForce is plagued by a respawn bug ...

Both support players were revived almost immediately after they were killed in separate fights during today's LCK match between DRX and NS RedForce, causing confusion among spectators, casters, and League of Legends fans.

In game one, Beryls Amumu was killed near the start of the battle, leading DRXs support to pause the game. NS RedForce declined a Chronobreak, and the game was restarted as a result.

SnowFlower, who was apparently not even respawning in the fountain, was also affected by a teamfight for Baron in the same game. DRX attempted to kill the support player while he was in his fountain, successfully doing so, but the bug once again occurred, and SnowFlower respawned without a timer due to a spam of question-mark pings.

The LEC has since banned the use of Hexflash in all future games due to a serious issue. It is possible that this rune had something to do with the instant respawns of Beryl and SnowFlower in today's series, which ultimately pushed NS RedForce out of playoff contention in the LCK.

The LEC is the only region to have issued a temporary restriction on Hexflash. However, if this rune is the origin of the respawn bug, it's likely that other regions will follow suit before their games this weekend.