Cookie Run Kingdom is a collection of 5 games that you can play for free

Cookie Run Kingdom is a collection of 5 games that you can play for free ...

If you're feeling a sugar crash but want to get playing a mobile game that's both a battler and a city planner, here's a game for you. Five games that embody the spirit of Cookie Run Kingdom, without all of the carbs.

Dragalia Lost

Play as Prince Euden, the incoming ruler of Alberiaa, a land where both dragons and people coexist peacefully. However, Euden must travel to save the kingdom from ruin as you fight your way through stages and upgrade your castle. If you want to play just a bit more action alongside your building, this is the game for you.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley may seem odd on this list, but for those who prefer the customization of Cookie Run with a smattering of complex characters and dungeon crawling, it's the perfect fit. Begin your journey to the bottom of the Mines by befriending the locals and making your farm as productive as possible.


Arknights is a good choice if you like the battle aspects of Cookie Run. Oppose your Operators to keep enemies away from your base. Once you've completed the battle, you may customize your base and facilities to suit your mission.

Princess Connect!Re: Dive

You either love 'em or you hate 'em. Try out Princess Connect! Re: Dive, the sequel to Princess Connect! In this time-based RPG, you play as a warrior named Yuki. You'll need to recover his memories to uncover the truth.

Dungeon Village

You play as a landowner in a remote area next to a dangerous dungeon ripe with rewards. However, adventurers will come to your town to fight in the dungeons, then return to rest up. This game is a great game for those who like classic RPGs.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is part of the larger Cookie Run series, so if none of these games appealed to you, you may try out an earlier game in the franchise, like Cookie Run: OvenBreak.

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