The 7 Best Inscryption Games

The 7 Best Inscryption Games ...

After playing Inscryption, you'll have an Inscryption-sized hole in your heart. Because Inscryption is a unique breed of game, it can be difficult to come up with game recommendations that match the disturbing atmosphere.

Yes, it is a deckbuilder, and yes, it is a roguelike, but there's a bit of magic that sets Inscryption apart from other games in its genre. Join us as we discuss the seven greatest games like Inscryption.

Best games like Inscryption

The Return of the Obra Dinn is a mystery game that was recommended by Daniel Mullins himself, the creator of Inscryption. The game has a distinctive art style that pushes the boundaries of imagination. With its detailed pixel-art, the game looks different from anything we've ever seen.

Return of the Obra Dinn follows a ship that has been missing for years. One day, it appears at the coast, inviting you to examine the deck for clues from its past.

Darkest Dungeon may not be the same as Inscryption's gameplay, but it has the same unsettling emotions. Each character has a gothic aesthetic, and their flaws.

Permadeath is included in Darkest Dungeon as a gameplay option, forcing players to make tough decisions in battles. Will you spare your beloved adventurer and retreat, or complete the boss battle for treasure? These sorts of questions abound in Darkest Dungeon's gameplay, creating a fascinating tension between the physical limitations of the characters and the player's desire to succeed.

One Step From Eden is a deckbuilding roguelike with a battlefield grid. The game plays at an incredible speed, forcing players to think on their feet and avoid taking damage as the damage sustained between levels remains.

Imagine Hades with a Slay the Spire deckbuilding system played on an Inscryption battle grid. If this sounds like a lot, it is. However, if you manage to keep up with the game's speed, thinking fast, and dodging faster, the sensation of mastery is incredible.

The gameplay in Hunt: Showdown is quite different from that in Inscryption, but the theme of "nature is your greatest threat" is explored in both games. These clues lead you to the boss, who has the bounty you're looking for.

Hunt: Showdown is a tense game with the same "horror in the forest" feelings as Inscryption, and it's worth a try for thrill seekers.

Iron Lung is a short horror game that focuses on slow terror that creeps up your shoulder ever so subtly, accompanied by encroaching dread.

Iron Lung is a quick game that excels at maximizing its small amount of resources and creating something astounding. The game was written by only one person, similar to Inscryption's development. Both Iron Lung and Inscryption were developed using Unity's game engine.

Night of Full Moon is a deckbuilder that is inspired by Little Red Riding Hood's tale. The game is available for free on Steam and has a fun gothic art style. Each playthrough is unique, and the game's designers do not require them to guarantee a complete experience.

Night of Full Moon is a fun indie game that is still relatively undiscovered and is worth a try for anyone who is sick of mainline deckbuilders. The game is also free on Steam, making it ideal for players who don't want to commit to a financial commitment.

Due to its visual similarities, Hand of Fate is one of the most popular Inscryption suggestions for gamers. Players sit at a table across from an evil gamemaster, who invites you to take part in an unsettling adventure of their creation.

Hand of Fate is a 3D game that takes you through encounters and recreates the cards' histories in a 3D style. The sequel was released in 2017 and is an excellent game for players who prefer Inscryption's visual style.

Inscryption all began with a game jam in 2018 called Ludem Dare 43. Daniel Mullins, the sole author of Inscryption, created a game called Sacrifices Must Be Made in 48 hours, start to finish, which is recognizable by its almost identical visual style.

Daniel Mullins' page has a free download, meaning that it is technically an Inscryption demo, but it is definitely worth mentioning for any deckbuilding roguelike fans.