Honkai Impact 3 Codes (August 2022)

Honkai Impact 3 Codes (August 2022) ...

Honkai Impact 3 is the mobile-platform successor to Genshin Impact, the popular online game. Both games are closely related and set in the same universe, so players will notice many similar features (such as Crystals). Fortunately, the developers provide codes for both games that can be redeemed in the game to instantly grant you stacks of valuable information!

Codes are often a useful resource for many players because they can provide a myriad of resources you may need. Usually, these codes provide something basic like Crystals or Coins. However, there are times when codes reward you with exclusive cosmetics, Asterite, and Trial Cards.

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All Honkai Impact 3Codes List

Updated August 5, 2022

A new code has been added!

  • REACHFORZENITHRedeem for 200 Crystals (New)
  • SUMMERWIZVALKSRedeem for 100 Crystals (New)
  • JKSSDNFNL58LKRedeem for 30 Crystals, 3k Asterite, and 1 SSS Trial Card Option (New)
  • QB6BY964E34BRedeem for 100 Crystals
  • PAINTTHEWORLDRedeem for 200 Crystals
  • BRONYA123
  • APHO2
  • ELYSIA02
  • OOHSUMMERRedeem for Herrscher of Flamescion Trial Card, Starless Rift costume, and x9999 Mithril
  • EAPAG8TLKG2TRedeem for x30 Crystal, x2888 Asterite, and x1 SSS Trial Card.
  • EUUYGC4WRFRedeem for x200 Crystals
  • XAPAGQSMKHJ7Redeem for x60 Crystals and x500 Asterite
  • GVYEGG5NPXRedeem for x60 Crystals
  • ICHLIEBEIDCHRedeem for x1 SSS Trial Card Option, x1 Starless Rift Costume, and 9999 Mithril
  • 2B7TZ8TMJZGFRedeem for x30 Crystals
  • SEELECUTERedeem for Herrscher of the Void Trial Card (3-Day), Starless Rift Costume, and 9999 Mithril
  • BSPBHRS5KY33Redeem for x60 Crystals
  • WSNSZRA4JZ3FRedeem for x60 Crystals
  • TB6BZQT43YZTRedeem for x200 Crystals
  • WUUEHCKWMXRedeem for x60 Crystals
  • GMUGGG2X7XRedeem code for x60 Crystals
  • GMUGHCLS5XRedeem code for x60 Crystals
  • ELUY8G2T9PRedeem code for x60 Crystals
  • YVUGGCJX9XRedeem code for x60 Crystals
  • YLYEGC5N97Redeem code for x60 Crystals
  • GUUE8C5T5FRedeem code for x60 Crystals
  • GMUWGCKTM7Redeem code for x80 Crystals
  • WLUGHCMSMFRedeem code for x140 Crystals
  • YUYW8AUW5XRedeem for Crystals x120.
  • YUYG8EUTPFRedeem for Crystals x60.
  • EVUGGACW5PRedeem for Crystals x60.

How to redeem Honkai Impact 3 codes

To redeemHonkai Impact 3 codes, you must launch the game. In the Captain's Quarters (the main menu), press your Player ID in the top-left corner of the screen. Press Account on the right side of the screen. Copy and Paste the codes from our list above into the text box on this page. Then, press the Get button to the right of it.

What are Honkai Impact 3 codes?

Honkai Impact codes are items that can be entered into the game to receive exclusive rewards. They are all temporary and may expire between a few days and a few weeks after they're originally released. Players may expect codes to expire shortly after an event if they were released during one, and sometimes newer codes will expire quicker than the older codes.

Why can't I redeem codes in Honkai Impact 3?

If the codes have expired, Honkai Impact 3 normally alerts the player with an Exchange Failed message. This is because the game most likely entered incorrectly. Proper capitalization and punctuation are required for the code to function correctly.

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