Fortnite's How to Split Screen

Fortnite's How to Split Screen ...

Fortnite has a split screen feature that allows you to play cooperative games with a friend sitting right beside you. This is currently only available on Xbox and PlayStation consoles. However, first you need to know about hot split screen in Fortnite. Duos and Squads modes may also be used.

How to play Split Screen in Fortnite

If your friend doesn't have a second controller, you'll need to create one. They will need to open their account manually.

In Fortnite, here's how to split the screen on Xbox:

In Fortnite, here's how you split screen on PlayStation 4 and Playstation 5:

In Fortnite, can player 2 use its skins while playing Split Screen?

When you are logged in as the second player, you can take control of the screen and access your skins and everything else that is on that second account. Simply press and hold the A-Button (Xbox) or the X-Button (PlayStation) and the second player will then be in charge. You may also restore the controller by pressing and holding the first player's button!

In Fortnite, why does Split Screen not work?

In Fortnite, split screen will not work in several situations:

  • Fortnite split screen mode doesn't work on PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.
  • Split screen won't work in Solos, Save the World, Creative and Limited Time modes.
  • If one player has different language setting, the split screen won't work.
  • Split screen will end if one player leaves the match or disconects.

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