The Tier List of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Heroes

The Tier List of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Heroes ...

The world of Aionios in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a wonderland for those who can help you. That is especially true if they can wield a weapon or at least heal a lot. However, you must first locate them by visiting colonies and solving quests.

They will fight alongside you and even cook while you rest (Manana is a fantastic chef)! However, you can't control them; what you see is what you receive. What you can do is acquire their classes for the main characters. Also, you can increase them to rank 20.

The 3 Tier List of Xenoblade Chronicles' Best Hero Characters

TierHero Characters
SAshera, Ethel, Riku & Manana
AAlexandria, Miyabi, Fiona, Juniper
BMonica, Gray, Teach, Triton
CCammuravi, Ghondor, Valdi
DSegiri, Isurd, Zeon

All stats from Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and what they mean

  • How to find Alexandria in XC3You must defeat attackers on the Iota colony.
  • Why is Alexandria great?Alexandria is a very dangerous attacker, mainly because of the Incursor subclass that allows her to increase damage with every critical hit.
  • How to find Fiona in XC3Complete the quest "Transparent Dreams."
  • Why is Fiona great?She has a combination of healing power with some great buffs that will make your life much easier, especially when you're fighting some of the most dangerous monsters in XC3.
  • How to find AsheraComplete the quest "Wrath of Ashera."
  • Why is Ashera great?She's reliable as a tank but also has the excellent offensive capability.

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