Destiny 2's Best Fusion Rifles for PVP

Destiny 2's Best Fusion Rifles for PVP ...

Destiny 2's player-versus-player (PVP) strategy consists of killing opponents as swiftly as possible. Thus, the game's PVP meta converges towards guns that deal high damage with high accuracy. Many of the game's fusion rifles are excellent at this, but some are a cut above the others in PVP.

Best Fusion Rifles for Destiny 2 PVP

The Jotunn looks like a rectangle with a trigger attached, but beware of this devastating rifle. It has the Shield Disorient ability, which disorients opponents near a shield explosion, giving it great utility. Its legendary trait Charge Shot also causes bullets to follow enemies, making it difficult to avoid the imminent explosive doom that the Jotunn promises its victims.

The Main Ingredient, a name for a fusion rifle that helped define the term "one shot, one kill," has been praised for its accuracy and stability over long periods. The bullet spread is deadly accurate since it has a precision frame, and you have a weapon that's deadly accurate at almost any distance, allowing you to defeat opponents as though you were wielding a sniper rifle.

The Snorri FR5 is a new precision frame rifle that was developed as a void weapon, enabling it to compete with other Void 3.0 weapons. However, Successful Warm-Up is another great attribute that increases charge rate and draw speed, complementing the Snorri's damage potential.

The Likely Suspect has a rapid-fire weapon that provides more ammunition than other fusion rifles on this list. This is reflected in its 460 charge time, which shows the weapon's ability to deal quickly and accurately. Many players choose Firmly Planted or Perpetual Motion for their reward choices.

Bastion is one of the most devastating PVP weapons due to its unique firing mechanism, which rattles three seven-round bursts in incredibly short succession. With a poor bullet spread and fairly limited damage fall-off over long range, the Bastion is probably the best weapon at close to medium range, but with some accurate shooting it will still kill at long range due to its horrifying damage output.

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