Xurs Weekend Inventory for Destiny 2 8/5/2022

Xurs Weekend Inventory for Destiny 2 8/5/2022 ...

The return of their favorite mysterious peddler means the return of the weekend for Guardians of the Last City. Every weekend, Xur will pop up in a different location to offer some Exotic Gear and a few other items for purchase. Here's what Xur is offering this weekend and where you can find him.

Where is Xur?

Xur will set up his black market shop every Friday at 1pm ET / 10am PT. He will set up in one of three possible locations every weekend: Winding Cove in the EDZ, Watchers Grave on Nessus, or in the Hangar at the Tower. He will stay at this location for three days until the weekly reset on Tuesday.

Xur is located at Winding Cove in the EDZ this weekend. See the map below for the exact location:

We get to see a lot more of Xur than usual as he hosts Dares of Eternity with his cosmic companion, Starhorse on the down-low. He will still sell his goods every weekend at one of the three locations and host Dares of Eternity.

What is Xur Selling

Fated ExoticExotic Engram97 Legendary Shards
Tractor CannonExotic Shotgun29 Legendary Shards
Lucky Pants (Hunter)Exotic Leg Armor23 Legendary Shards
Peacekeepers (Titan)Exotic Leg Armor23 Legendary Shards
Aeon Soul (Warlock)Exotic Gauntlets23 Legendary Shards
Exotic CipherExotic Cipher QuestN/A
Gnawing HungerLegendary Auto Rifle50 Legendary Shards1,000 Glimmer
Survivor's EpitaphLegendary Hand Cannon50 Legendary Shards1,000 Glimmer
VulpeculaLegendary Hand Cannon50 Legendary Shards1,000 Glimmer
Widow's BiteLegendary Sniper Rifle50 Legendary Shards1,000 Glimmer
IKELOS_SR_V1.0.2Legendary Sniper Rifle50 Legendary Shards1,000 Glimmer
Honor's EdgeLegendary Sword50 Legendary Shards1,000 Glimmer
Talons of the EagleLegendary Scout Rifle50 Legendary Shards1,000 Glimmer
Righteous RobesLegendary Armor Set50 Legendary Shards1,000 Glimmer(Per Armor Piece)

Dead Man's Tale and Hawkmoon are now available for purchase in various weekly rolls. These weapons cost 125,000 Glimmer, 200 Legendary Shards, an Exotic Cipher, and an Ascendant Shard.

  • Barrel - Fluted Barrel
  • Magazine - Steady Rounds
  • Trait - Vorpal Weapon
  • Stock - Fitted Stock
  • Barrel - Full Bore
  • Magazine - Alloy Magazine
  • Trait - Hip-Fire Grip
  • Grip - Heavy Grip

Xur is selling everything this weekend. Make sure you get any Exotics you don't have, as well as any rolls you might want. On Tuesday at Reset, Xur will pack up shop and all of his items will be gone.