Mari Pepin Updates the Wedding: I'll Go to the Courthouse Tomorrow

Mari Pepin Updates the Wedding: I'll Go to the Courthouse Tomorrow ...

Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin fell in love with one another during season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise. They encountered some tough obstacles during their summer together in Mexico, but they ultimately resolved their differences and got engaged in the end. Pepin recently shared a hint on when she might marry her fiance.

Here's all you need to know about it:

Pepins Life Has Been a Little Wild

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Pepin asked Jared Haibon and Dean Unglerton their Help! I Suck at Dating podcast to share a few things about her relationship with Braatsch. He then encouraged her to participate in the Miss World Puerto Rico pageant, which meant she would have to spend a lot of time in Puerto Rico.

Pepin admitted that she was not sure how her performance in the Bachelor in Paradise competition turned out to be. She said that while her family is originally from Puerto Rico, she eventually moved to Chicago.

The Wedding Planning Has Officially Started

Mariela Pepin (@mari_pepin) has shared a post.

Pepin admits that he had never moved in with Braasch before, and that one of the biggest difficulties they both encountered was her desire to get rid of most of his kitchen equipment and bring her own higher-quality tools. That would certainly suggest that the Bachelor in Paradise couple has adapted quite well.

Pepin said she has just begun thinking about her wedding preparations. She is still in the very early stages of planning, and she has already found it tiring, as she isn't sure where to begin. Despite those worries, Pepin noted that she and Braasch are planning a wedding in October.

Braasch said she'd go to the courthouse and not tell anyone, although Vegas isn't her style. When asked whether or not she'd like to get married after the pageant, Pepin replied that she doesn't think she'd do it. They had to wait until after the pageant to pin anything down, but now that it's over, we can get on with it.