Nicole Layog Says Taylor Hale Played a Better Game Than Her

Nicole Layog Says Taylor Hale Played a Better Game Than Her ...

Nicole Layog, a houseguest on last nights' episode of Big Brother, was sent packing with a 9 to 1 vote.

After Daniel Durston, the private chefs' game began to crumble, and Alyssa Snider and Indy Santos' number one friend decided to use the Veto.

Daniel hoped that Monte, the current Household leader, would name Nicole and her festie bestie, Taylor Hale, the new leaders, and the House would vote out Taylor. However, the vote on Thursday night did not go as planned, and Nicole was evicted almost unanimously.

Heavy had the opportunity to catch up with Nicole and discuss her eviction.

Here's all you need to know about it.

Nicole on Realizing She Didnt Have the Votes

Nicole was reassured that she would be allowed to stay at the start of the week, but as the week progressed, she noticed her numbers decreasing and began to realize that her game was in jeopardy.

Nicole talked us through her thought process throughout the week, stating that she went through periods of being safe and being unsafe.

She said the conversation went back and forth. I was like, ooh yes, and then I was like, ooh no,and then, really no, and then ooh maybe.

She continued: "People were trying to make me feel better." I understand why. It's the whole point of what Big Brother is.

Nicole on Taylors Eviction Speech

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Nicole said Taylor was a bad person on a separate occasion, and on another occasion, she referred to her as a bully.

Nicole's opinion of Taylor appears to have changed since her elimination. In an interview, Nicole praised Taylor's performance and said she intends to establish a friendship with her outside the house.

Taylor said she can't wait for her to leave the Big Brother house so that we can rekindle a friendship and work on fixing a lot of what was left in the house.

Nicole shared her thoughts on Taylor's famous eviction night performance.

Taylor gave a shady speech that elicited a few surprised looks from her fellow houseguests last night.

Nicole, to paraphrase a Big Brother superfan, Rihanna, you look so dumb right now. You thought choosing me as your Festie Bestie was your security blanket. And here we are, both of you, with your closest friend in the house who thought you'd be safe.


Nicole said she loved Taylor's address, calling it "epic."

She said something that was raw, and I'm proud that it was for me. She's [going to] do well in this game. She played a better Big Brother game than I did, so kudos to her.

Nicole Talks About Taylor's Drama

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Nicole and several other houseguests have been criticized on social media for their treatment of Taylor.

Taylor has been defended by some Big Brother alums, calling Nicole and Daniel slanderers.

Nicole shared her thoughts on the Taylor situation, declaring that she believes the houseguests were intimidated by the Michigan beauty queen.

She stated that a lot of what was going on was revealed secondhand. I never saw her doing those things. She never treated me in any way.

She continued. Again, I think that they were intimidated by her, and when it comes down to it, she has a strong personality. She definitely captures a room when she walks in, and from someone who has worked in law enforcement, that's super important, but sometimes people consider that as intimidating and they don't know how to react.

Nicoles Thoughts on the Leftovers

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Julie Chen revealed the Leftovers alliance in Nicole's live interview. A seven-person group consisting of Monte, Taylor, Michael, Brittany, Joseph, Turner, and Kyle, the secret alliance aided Nicole in her escape.

Nicole shared her thoughts on the Leftovers alliance in an interview, declaring that she believes they will be successful as long as Kyle does not allow his showmance to get in the way.

Nicole Considers Who Is Playing the Best Game?

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Nicole also revealed who she is a fan of, revealing that she is betting on Michael Bruner.

Michael is my team, she said. I want him to win. I want him to go all the way.

She continued, I know that I expressed very early on that I wanted a woman to win this game [If] that can happen, im all for it as well, but right now, my main person I want and who I am cheering on is Michael.

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