Dragon Priest masks are transformed into JJBA cosplay in this Skyrim mod

Dragon Priest masks are transformed into JJBA cosplay in this Skyrim mod ...

The Dragon Priest masks are transformed into cursed JJBA cosplay in a new Skyrim mod inspired by the Stone Masks of JoJos Bizarre Adventure. The transformation to the RPG game system transforms the masks from simple equippable armor into powerful, deadly artifacts that attach to the wearer and imbue them with the spirits of the Dragon Priests themselves.

grasscid's mod for The Curse of the Dragon Priests draws on the popular manga and anime series JoJos Bizarre Adventure, particularly the stone masks which appear in its first two parts. Unlike the JJBA masks, these new Skyrim masks cannot be simply purchased from your inventory; instead, upon activation, the Dragon Priest will forcibly attach itself to your face, allowing the Dragon Priest to possess and reshape your flesh entirely for himself.

The longer you keep the mask on, the stronger its ability will grow, up to 4x its base potency and, in some cases, adding additional effects. For example, Volsungs mask, which allows you to walk on water from the third stage of development onwards, also increases your armour effectiveness.

If the Dragon Priests' influence is left unchecked, you may end up a soulless husk, according to the mod description. Once the mask reaches its most powerful form, there is an occasional chance that the masks respective Priest will take over your body entirely, causing you to become a disembodied soul.

Yes, the fully empowered Demon Priest is now in battle to reclaim your corporeal form. It's not an easy task, after all, to remove the mask from your face, which requires a process of exorcism, which involves removing the ghostly Demon Priest from your being, at which point they must be defeated (albeit at a hopefully lower power level than they might otherwise have achieved).

Once the game is done, it's not all about fun and games. Even successfully removing a mask (unequipping seems like a far too light a term for what we just described, quite frankly), leaves you with debuffs that mirror the powers previously given by the cursed object. After all, such power comes at a price, and wielding these deadly items takes its toll on your very existence.

The Stone Masks' ability is a brilliant example of risk vs reward, highlighting JJBAs Dio Brando, who exploits it in the JoJos Bizarre Adventure. We certainly understand how tempting that ever-increasing dripfeed of strength can be, but be cautious how deep you go.

One Skyrim mod allows you to transform into a dragon. If youd rather put in the effort for your abilities, another Skyrim mod transforms the College of Winterhold into a real school. If youre after a safer strategy to obtain unlimited power, our list of Skyrim console commands and cheats should allow you to do whatever you want in the open-world game. Just remember that with great power comes great responsibility.