Fortnite's 10 Best Red-Colored Skins

Fortnite's 10 Best Red-Colored Skins ...

If that's the vibe you want to give off in Fortnite, wear a red skin into battle. Here are some of the best ones, presented in alphabetical order. Be careful if Fortnite drops a fighting bull on the island.

Alpine Ace (CA)

Before we dive into the fantasy and sci-fi stuff, let's start this list with something practical. Outfits from across the world are included in the Winter Ski Set, and anyone who wants to show their Canadian pride may wear an outfit emblazoned with red maple leaves.

Boardwalk Ruby

Not every Fortnite skin must be slick or giddy. Sometimes you just want a super cool beach look, and that's exactly what Boardwalk Ruby brings to the table. It's quite plush.


Candymans name might evoke terror movies, but in this case, he is actually a guy made of Valentines Day candy boxes. Sometimes, red-colored jammies are a bit basic, but anyone who wants to commemorate Valentines Day can do this.


It's difficult to narrow down all of the superheroes and supervillains on this list, but there's one red bad guy that should make the cut. Carnage is the most famous 90s Spider-Man enemy, with all of the edginess of Venom cranked up to 11. You can also do this in Fortnite by cosplaying as him.

Cloaked Shadow

Let's talk about Cloaked Shadow while we're on an edgelord kick. This is your best bet if you want to play a Nazgul from the Lord of the Rings. The shadowy wings and horns do look quite slick.


Deadpool is already red, but that would have been too easy to include on this list. Cuddle Team Leader was an inspired choice, as Deadpool's violent tendencies make for an interesting contrast to the huggable bear face.


There's really only one choice for a red-clad comic book hero in this Deadpool mashup. Daredevil has embraced the superhero fantasy since it was invented. With his grappling cane, Matt Murdock can really live out the superhero fantasy.

El Chapulin Colorado

Forgotten Games may be based in the United States, but Fortnite is accessible to everyone in the world. This parody, created by the late great Mexican comedian Chespirito, is a great reminder of this.


What makes flaming skulls and three-piece suits so versatile? Inferno, a fiery businessman, is in a perfect pairing with Cloaked Shadow. They should have a battle to determine whos the bigger edgelord.

Sith Trooper

The Sith Trooper has joined Fortnite in honor of Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. When Darth Vader invaded the island, they were flanked by them. But there's something terrifying about seeing a red one run up on you, with a blaster at your disposal.